Everything is gonna be alright

Don’t worry Hari, everything is gonna be alright

Don’t be stressed out about those things that haunted your mind since it haunted you

I mean, it already happened several times, didn’t it? And you’re still going strong don’t you?

That time when you stressed out about going to a different junior high than your friends, remember it? You’re alright, you managed to make new friends right?

That time when you haven’t prepared anything for Regional Science OSN, not even clothing for the 5 days event? You’re okay didn’t you? Yeah your nose bleed, yeah you got sick, yeah you need additional support from your family, but it went okay didn’t it?

That time when your family held a big-long event, you were okay didn’t you? Yeah you did a lot of mistakes, you made a bad impression, but it turned out well, didn’t you think so?

That time when you broke up, yeah you still hurt even ’till these days, but those experience turned out to be a nice topic to talk about with your friends, right? You spend hours at a time just talking about this shit again and again with your friend right, it was quite a story, right?

That time when one of your family… died, it was quite a devastating experience, you always tried to avoid thinking about it, but it always haunting you in the back of you mind, isn’t it? It’s gonna be alright, it might hurt initially, but you will adapt to it. And now this is your new status quo isn’t it?

That time when you made a bad decision, and bad events that followed it. Yeah you cried, angry, mad, but what do you think about it now? You traumatized by it? Well, it would helped you to make a better-wiser decision in the future. It’s gonna be alright

That time when you failed reaching your long awaited dream, yeah you stressed a lot, sleep deprived, questioned your friendship, but how you look at it now? It felt funny, didn’t know you can acted so childish. But you’re doing great now don’t you?

That time when you felt you disappointed people that look up to you, your friends, your family or your teacher. The pressure of being ‘the nice guy’ was and is really heavy, it might crushed you sometimes, but don’t let it became the reason you become the bad guy. You’re nice, you don’t have to forced yourself too hard, and you’re fine now

Those small, but stressful things that happened in your daily life, don’t make it an obstacle for your life. Yeah don’t take it lightly, but also don’t let it became a wall that prohibits you from stepping up. Also, overcoming those things feel nice, don’t you think so?

Yeah, I know, being you is hard. But you here, isn’t just referring to you, that guy sitting next to you, that girl you have no idea about, they also face the same problem as you. Not exactly the same problem might you, but they can also face even harder-bigger problem than yours

Yeah, thinking that you’re the only one with the biggest problem in the world might make you feel special, but being the normal guy doesn’t sounds so bad after all, right?

Everything is gonna be alright

You already did it several times, what’s holding you from overcoming this one? That? No, you can do it

Or, even if you really can’t overcome it, you’re smart, there’s plenty other ways you can approach it. You like feeling that you’re unique right? Why don’t you prove it now

But, don’t let it stress you out

There’s way, and you’ll be fine. Everything gonna be alright.

UPDATE. OCT09 2019

Just found this image on YouTube Reddit, it’s just so amazing

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  1. Rapat Teknis ITCC… and heart break

    Reading this post made me cry 😭😭, idk why, but the wording is so smart… it touch my heart every single bit,,,, it really is… a nice blog post

  2. It’s been awhile since the last time I actively write, or even open this blog

    But I feel like I should put this in here

    About the coronavirus thing, I think everything’s gonna be alright

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