Dodit Mulyanto’s isolated house, and hydroponic vertical integration

I am writing something long right now, about today’s experience, about my snmptn experience… I got accepted

But when I see the clock, I definitely have not enough time to finish it, I already writing it for an hour or so, and it is not even close to 33% done

Blessed and cursed by my own rule, I have to write something to fill my writing quota for today, or is it my post quota?

Ah, it doesn’t really matter… I just need to keep my discipline and write something for today

Which is also hard, I found a lot of interesting thing that I want to talk today… and all of them (Actually including this one), will be long

But, out of all of them… I think I can make this one shorter

I found this video, as usual, on my YouTube homepage, which is weird to be honest. I don’t think I have come across his channel before, or I don’t think the content I watch on YouTube would make ‘the algorithm’ think that I liked this type of vid

Which tbh, I didn’t watch it fully… but it’s still an interesting video to say the least

I know Dodit Mulyanto from SUCI (Stand Up Comedy Indonesia), he is funny, and somewhat ‘not’ relateable… I am not in any way again him though

Other than that, I know Dodit have an isolated house from this video by Raditya Dika. I thought, oh, that is cool. And proceed to not really gave thought to it

He inspired me thought, I am interested in farming, or gardening, or gardening automation, or gardening automation in apocalypse…yeah… weirdo

He said something about hydroponic which I knew since elementary school (I think), but he said about some weird vertical integration technique that I thought was cool

Basically, he have some hydroponic plants, that got its water from a pond around it.The pond have fishes in it, the fishes’ excretion (Poop, pee) would be pumped and used as the source of nutrient for the plants…. that is cool

I got an idea, a friend of mine Anjay always talked about Cultivating Catfish (Which is already a meme by now), how about… I execute his idea, and implement this new vertical integration technique to that… well Anjay’s family actually already worked in catfish pond, also chicken farm… but I think it’s quite a good idea, will try this idea in the future, if I remember

And btw, Dodit used his motorcycle in the video… and then immediately fall, well, after some seconds passed, but still, he felt, which I found as hilarious

About isolated house, I have this tendency to love being alone, but I do hate being isolated

I love spending time with my own mind, but in the middle of nowhere? Nope, that’s a stupid idea, for me at least. Especially because I need technology to stay alive

So yeah, that’s it… a fill up post, a weird commentary, and quite a nice idea… in one post

Worth it~

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