Did I just caused a vid to be downed?!

I’ve a lot of topic that I wanna talk about, in fact I am in the middle of writing something right now and realized, the time just not enough

So, let’s write about another topic now

On March 9th, about a week ago (Damn time flies so fast), I watched and written about a YouTube vid that I felt in love with

Then, I think the very next day I publish the post, when I opened my blog homepage, it said that the video wasn’t available

I didn’t give it much thought at the time, probably because I was on my phone, late in the night (As I usually do), and I got something else to do (Exam on 11th and 12th)

The post btw, is this one

It was and still is a harmless post. Just me saying that I liked that vid, why I liked it, and to archive it so I can find it later

But for some reason, it got taken down from YouTube. Not sure whetever it’s permanent or not, hopefully not

The funny thing is, even when I was writing that post I already thought it’s kinda weird YouTube Content ID didn’t take this down

But well, my rationale at the time was, maybe they just don’t care. So I just brushed it off as well

Another funny thing is, one of the main reason why I wrote that post, as well as other similar post in the Love It, Interesting, and Quoted is because, sometimes I know about something but I forgot what that thing is called, and to do a google search I need the name… basically so I can find those thing later down the road

I do think this is just a coincidence. But I can’t help to think that, maybe, just maybe, I have something to do with it

Maybe, just maybe, YouTube detect there’s an external source referring to that vid, so Content ID need to reconfirm the eligibility of the vid, and it turned out to be a copyright infringement to a copyrighted content


I want to write it on my blog so I can find it later, but writing it in my blog maybe the reason it gone… hahahshdahsdfh weird

Coincidence is just weird, there’s this psychological phenomenon that tried to explain this kind of thing

I don’t remember the name of the phenomenon (Haven’t written about it), or maybe I am the one who came up with this explanation? hmmm

Basically, … let’s use other example, like my thought that I can control weather when I got sad

It’s something like this, whenever I got sad, depressed, stressed or bad feeling in general, it would be cloudy outside, or maybe even rain

The question are, is it me that unknowingly control the weather? Or is it just me notice the cloud because I got sad?

Like, it’s normal to be cloudy outside. It’s just me that don’t notice it when I am happy. And when I got sad, I don’t have thing to do, therefore I see outside the window and notice the weather is cloudy

Maybe it’s just something like this

Idk, just want to put my thought on this weird stuff… and to fill up my writing quota for today

I still need time to write the topics that I want to talk about. First because it will be a long post, and second my mental just isn’t ready yet

Hopefully, the vid will get back soon, and my archive doesn’t go to a completely useless thing~

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