Computer origin as in the textile theory

Not sure how am I suppose to title this, but YouTube just recommended me something quite interesting, a channel named This Is

It’s nice that YouTube already recommended me something fresh to my homepage even only one day after I remove some of my channel subscriptions

I will be honest, the only one reason I clicked the video was, because Linus from Linus Tech Tips was in the thumbnail, just look at him

Oh yeah, also that multi-threading word in the thumbnail. I was like, do they have multi threading in a 200 year old computer?! Then I realized Turing Machine wasn’t invented(?) until around 1945

Don’t quote me on that

The interesting thing is, this is actually a channel owned by Austin, I realized it when reading the comment section where he thanked Linus for hosting the episode

Also, hey this is Austin! is like his tagline, so it made sense… the name of the channel

I personally think that episode should be in Techquickie, I mean the origin of computer, shouldn’t it be in Techquickie? Well, this is a cross-over and Austin also hosted an episode of Techquickie

I can clearly see Austin got inspiration for This Is channel from Techquickie, and this is becoming really confusing with the name of the channel, why you named it this way, well

I can see a big potential from This Is channel (See, confusing right?), because that channel is not limited to only tech (I noticed techquickie episode has been boring lately, probably mostly because the lack of topic to talk about), Austin and his team can make the channel bigger

I will be honest, I also got inspiration for a similar channel as this one

So yeah, idk what else to talk about… oh ya, the content

The content is interesting, it’s hard to determine the origin of something, because more often than not, thing came from not only one source, but a multitude of source that after some period of time becoming one… that’s unnecessarily complicated

Basically what I am saying is, there’s probably a lot of theories of the origin of computer, or computing for that matter

So, because idk what to put in the title section of this post, I just gave that theory a name, it probably already had a name, but I can’t seem to find it, so who care (I do)

So, for that… don’t really write a tesis based on this post’s title

Also, about the content itself

It’s interesting to see how a computing machine have a precursor of a textile machine. I can see myself (Being the lazy af that I am) making a tool to help me with a boring-repetitive task

Only in this case, that tool is a precursor to punch card (A kind of memory) therefore computer. And over the next hundreds of years can compute a fully textured 3D graphics, even a hologram (Shit, I need to finish my Hololens 2 post)

I can relate to this story, because prior to knowing how to do programming (So before I was a 5th grader), I had a dream that I made a software using a tool that clearly inspired by Alat Tenun (Loom machine?)

I probably watched TV about alat tenun, then in the night got this dream. My brain was so smart, and it still is, hopefully :v . Btw, this is a question for you

If you create a software using another software, how do the first software got invented?

Like chicken and egg problem. Let’s say, if you want to create a calculator app you would need a visual studio, but how do you make visual studio? Or the first visual studio for that matter?

I know Golang (A kind of programming language by Google) initially written in C++, then its iteration was written using the prior version of Golang, so it built onto itself using itself

Okay, this is getting out of topic fast… I guess I already cover everything that I wanna talk about, so…

Bye! This is Hari Anugrah~

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