College Equality Certification Idea

I uninstalled YouTube a couple days ago from my phone. But today, I just got bored.’

Yesterday I’ve written about Exam Fatigue, maybe that’s why I don’t to study for tomorrow’s exam

I will study, but later, don’t feel like it right now

When I opened YouTube via browser, it recommended me quite an interesting video to me

I thought about it since weeks ago, after I read a meme that convey something along this line, “You think high school is hard? College is harder” or “You think college is easy? It’s harder than high school” or whatever

This is the video btw, an investigation to fake college degree

That’s interesting, because I don’t really expect there to be a business in this kinda of thing

I don’t really want to have a fake degree though, my main reason to get to college is to experience college, not really the degree itself

In my opinion, the experience worth more than the degree, well the degree is important, but even in college, the student mostly learn by themselves (Don’t quote me on that)

But I heard a news, there’s a similar thing happen in Indonesia, a couple years ago though

Then come my realization, only the top student can get college through SNMPTN, and student that’re ALREADY smart can get university through SBMPTN

Private college also have test to get into, so… people that’re already smart getting smarter, and those who’re not smart, doesn’t get a chance to fix it?


Also, a couple months back, and still today, when I look into jobstreet (An app to find job opportunity), Most, if not all of them require some kind of degree(Maybe bias though, only researched on STEM related job)

There’s a problem that I see here, and maybe some business opportunity

There’re people, that self taught themselves to an equal (Or maybe even higher) education level than college student

These people can get a good job, or should get a good job. But employer often doesn’t even take their time reading job application that doesn’t have a degree (IMO)

I mean, even if they have a degree, employer maybe don’t even look into their application because their GPA is lower than what the employer want

Here’s the idea

I would make an institution that focuses on giving people certification, not only through a traditional test but with a set of proven tests

Maybe, for example, a self taught programmer may have a higher skill in coding than those from college

A self taught programmer definitely interested in programming, while those in college may learn coding just because they have to

Those self taught programmer, when they apply for a job, would have a hard time. It’s hard to meet job’s requirement without ‘that paper’

IMO, ‘that paper’ only have value to employer because it prove the applicant have some education in the related field. While self taught doesn’t have a paper that say ‘this guy already master this field’

Even if they have, that paper doesn’t really have credibility, they can write it on their own :v

But that problem can be fixed by my institution. I would grow my institution reputation and credibility

And unlike fake degree, I would get this credibility by the achievement of people that have our certificate

Back to that self taught programmer example. Maybe the test would consist of writing a software, real-life problem solving and stuff that’re really needed for the job

Wait, it sounds familiar… Maker Institute in Bandung also have this kind of certification program. GCP, Azure, AWS have certification program as well as Cisco etc


Well, my idea still apply, especially with job outside STEM field

Idk, there’s just no big institute that do this kind of stuff, except college of course

So what’s the differentiating factor between my institute and college? I just come up with this question. Hard question, me

Maybe time, college would need around 4 years. My institute maybe only need a couple of months

Wait, that sounds a hek similar to nanodegree or bootcampshit, it’s cryptomnesia isn’t it?




Well, my institute only does the certification, without the education part… and my institute would do it in an intensive way, so people that got our certification really does know what they’re doing

The problem with this is, how to grow the credibility and reputation? Maybe I should make a successful company first that got employee from this institute?


You know what, nevermind~

Also, don’t they check the legitimacy of the university? Don’t employer fact check (Feck?) their employee’s degree?

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