So, still in the realm of forgotten creation

Last time, it was about an old blogger that I had, that I already deleted by now

The difference is, this time I didn’t completely forgot about this blog, I only forgot the purpose of it, or does it even have a purpose in the first place

The blog is in wordpress platform, it is a free wordpress blog with the domain of So it is most likely just another experiment blog that I forgot

The first (And last) post was dated back to 3 years ago, April 30th 2017. So yeah definitely not a real blog

Furthermore, there’s no actual content inside. And 2017, so it was when I already a senior high schooler

The thing is, this is definitely an experimental blog. But what’s the purpose of the experiment though?

The domain, asjiblog, if this is just a complete experiment I think I would name it by smashing my hand to the keyboard. Maybe something like asudhsfub or sorhu or iodsjik

But asjiblog is not completely a jumbled mess of letter, there’s a readable word in there, blog that lead me to believe that this blog have a purpose, not a significant one per say, but still, there must be a good reason behind it

Or it’s just me overthinking it again

But that doesn’t matter anymore, because I already deleted it

In My Sites section in, this asjiblog make my dashboard looks messy, so I decided to delete it

I already try to delete it several time in the past month, but I don’t felt like it, ‘It doesn’t really cost me money nor it’s bothering me that much, so why should I delete it?’

That thought keep me from deleting it, but well, I got to the point that my who cares principle kicked to work, I think I will just delete it anyway, yeah it doesn’t bother me, but it also doesn’t gave any value to me

It come back to me and my family history. I hate discarding stuff, especially those that I think would have a use in the future, this keep me from moving on

In my family history, especially my grandparent, this is made sense, because they were poor, therefore keeping their stuff (Even those with less value) might proof to be useful

Idk how to phrase it

But well, good bye a blog that I forgot what the purpose is

That’s quite a nice theme actually. But my current custom theme is way better

Bye an old-insignificant creation of mine~

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