Achievement unlocked, 105 WPM typing speed

Have you ever tried something that you haven’t been doing in awhile and expected to doing worse? Yeah I did just that just now

I am currently staying over at Galih’s kost and we had nothing to do (Well we do have something to do, but we got bored)

Okay, I will be honest. I was kinda busy with finding idea what to write for today’s post, that’s when Galih got bored

He asked Google assistant for entertainment, using the Trivia feature that offered by Google Assistant, well, we played for a little bit

I was preparing to write a post about I made a shirt, out of scrap papers from past exam when I got writer’s block, I got no idea what and how to convey what I wanna write

That’s when Galih got bored with the Trivia and open 10fastfinger, a website where we can check for our writing speed

I talked a bit about Macbook’s keyboard earlier, and why I think that keyboard is sucks

Also, we talked and got the conclusion that Galih’s keyboard (An Asus laptop) sucks as well, it’s mushy and doesn’t have a nice clicky feedback

Then, I brought about Dwik’s laptop’s keyboard (A classmate of ours). I helped Dwik earlier this morning, when I type using her keyboard, it felt kinda nice

The weird thing is, Dwik’s laptop is also Asus, and the keyboard looks similar to Galih’s

Maybe that’s why Galih open 10fastfinger today, a kind ofpriming

He got to try it first, he got around 50ish something

Then, I got curious how much my typing speed would decrease, I mean I haven’t done rapid typing in awhile

Last time I did it, was around one year ago, when I just bought my new Logitech keyboard

I thought I got 100 WPM by then, a new achievement for me at the time

I expect to get around 80ish today, I do type a lot (In this blog alone, I type around 1000 words each day) but that is not a rapid typing, it is a relax typing

It took me usually one hour to finish one post, with around 1000 words

But then, the first try, I got 105 WPM, another new achievement for me! Achievement unlocked, 105 WPM typing speed

Well, I didn’t record it that time

But I tried it again, recorded this time. Credit for Galih for recording this, using my phone though

You can see how fast I type, even without using 10 of my finger. This my second try, with hiccup and nerveous (Because it was recorded)

But well, it’s kinda nice achievement, 105 WPM without using all 10 of my fingers (Because I can’t)

Maybe that video will give you idea of how fast that is

And yeah, I am showing off my skill today, and shit, 11:59~

2 Replies to “Achievement unlocked, 105 WPM typing speed”

  1. I just notice this
    I broke my record and got new achievement of writing speed in Galih’s laptop
    Which I just said is not a very good keyboard… kinda wawed me for a bit

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