Writing a text in Balinese script

I actually want to title it I write a text in Balinese script but that was quite misleading because I didn’t actually write a text on my own, I just rewrite it into Balinese script

So, if you don’t know (Which you probably are), usually people in Bali know at least 2 writing system, Latin alphabet and Balinese script

Latin alphabet is the letters that you’re reading right now, I am using English-US QWERTY keyboard, just like most of others Indonesian

But there’s one more scripting system that I learned ever since elementary school, that is Balinese scripting

Well, I can argue Balinese script is actually three different script… wait is it script or hieroglyph? I actually want to use the word hieroglyph ever since I heard it years ago

Okay, I got sidetracked again

Latin only have one type of hieroglyph, they’re starting from a,b,c…and z

While in the other hand, Balinese hieroglyph can be categorized into 3, according to its usage. Wianjana (For normal Balinese word), Swalalita (For word absorbed from other language) and Modre (Not really sure, for black magic?)

Well, Balinese writing system is hard, and are hard… I don’t really know anyone who can write Balinese script fast, even my Balinese teacher still struggle sometimes

But that’s why it’s special

Next week will be full of practice test for me (And my classmates), but Balinese isn’t included there

That’s why last Wednesday my Balinese teacher gave us an assignment to rewrite a Balinese text

Well, not from Latin to Balinese (That would be really hard) but from Balinese to Balinese, yeah essentially we’re just duplicating the text

But well, even that’s already really hard, it took me hours to finish just three paragraphs of text, just three!

So, here is my writing skill result

It turned out to be quite nice, just looking at that you can know how hard it’s to write that

Can you even write a single letter? A single hieroglyph?

Galih took several attempts (And waste a lot of paper) to just write the first paragraph

I took a different route, and practice my writing first in a scrap paper THEN write it on the real paper


Because I, and most of my classmates don’t actually use our ordinary pencil shape. You know, usually we would write using a sharp-pointy pencil, even in Balinese. But here, we challenge ourselves to write it using a different method

This is the very first time I use this technique, and yesterday was the very first time I heard about this technique

Basically we want the hieroglyph to have some bold part and some light part… how should I say it

Oh yeah, do you know Fountain Pen? Basically we want to write with that kinda of style

We achieve it using a modified pencil, most of my friends ask for Aldy’s help. But me being me, want to try it myself

A modified pencil, with a flat tip instead of pointy one

Well, my hieroglyph have some boldness variation into it (Not too much) so I would call it a success

First try! Not really, as I said before, I used a scrap paper to practice myself using this weird pencil tip

But well, the most important thing here is that I finished it quite nicely

I am actually quite worry to mess this up, because I know my writing skill is not good. My latin writing is already looks ugly, now imagine how bad my Balinese writing would be like

That worry feeling postpone me from writing, at first. Then I decided to use my who care principle and just write

I would attribute that motivation to my good feeling, because of my nice quality sleep last night

Really glad I did, the result is quite satisfying

I am proud of you, myself~

Btw if you curious, this is the original text. I know I messed some part up, but who cares

Maybe took me like 4 or 5 hours to just finish 3 paragraph (I write the the minimum, I don’t want to waste time writing more than necessary, also I am afraid to mess it up)

Three hours at school, not effectively (Obviously, I played with my friends a lot), and maybe 2 hours at home

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