Why you study?

Futarou, what’s the reason you study?

Still in the realm of question that I found as interesting

Just like, is there life on Earth? this is the kind of question that I should ask myself

Something that’s obvious but I can’t answer it confidently. Why am I studying?

I got this question while watching Gotoubun no Hanayome anime

Well, it started with NO REASON. My parent told me to study at Kindergarten, and brought me there. I was too young to know the reason why I have to go there

Then, in Elementary school. In the very first day of school. Well, still NO REASON. My parent brought me there, so I wasn’t having any other option

Maybe around the second half of Elementary school. I started to really enjoy school. Was it because I got my reason to go to school?

Then in Junior high. I believe junior high is when I study the hardest

Lemme clarify that a bit more. I study hard, but not cleverly. It wasn’t a good time

But still, I am wondering why I study so hard in junior high. I don’t think I had a concrete motivation back then. I still don’t btw

But I have a dream, around December the last year of my junior high. I got a bigger dream, an entrepreneur

But that doesn’t answer why I study hard, especially the early year of my junior high. I just study, because that sounds like something that I should do. So not really my motivation, more of others’ expectation

Then senior high, these days

I do study, but I just serious studying at the field that I am interested in: Programming.

I don’t think I put as much effort at other fields. Really. Not even close. If I put 100 effort at programming, I will only put like 10 effort at school’s stuff, maybe 25 when near exam… but that’s not really that much

I still put most of my effort toward things that I love. Like currently, I have national exam coming, but instead of studying, I put my effort toward this blog

I need to bump it up, maybe to 70 or something. But really, I don’t know/have motivation to study. That’s the biggest obstacle that I need to get over with

Maybe, if only I have a good single motivation to study harder. Maybe, maybe! I will study harder, and more

Okay, now let’s think harder. Why should I study harder?

To get a better grade

But why? seriously, the only things that I would get from a better grade is… that is really beneficial for me is to get money maybe? As I said here if I became top 3 in my school. I would get money (From school)

But in long term, not really. My dream, an entrepreneur would be really benefited for learning Economy. But instead of Economy (That I signed up for) I got geography

Maybe math and stuff… But my recent math study is not really beneficial for an entrepreneur (At least that’s what I think right now). I mean why would you calculate the profit using calculus anyway? Right? I mean just use basic math. Or maybe use your employee, right?


To get a better university

Maybe… my senior high. I didn’t really think I put a lot of effort. But I still got a really good grade

I often feel like I haven’t work enough to achieve something that achieved. But is that because I already put a little work often over the years? But I don’t feel the effort. Idk… maybe I just like working hard? No, I am not


I want go to college, in the science-technology field. I already learn programming. It’s kinda ironic that I have to postpone my programming studies because I have to learn other field to get college

Like, the things that I would learn at college will consist of interpersonal stuff, and programming. The focus should be programming, right?

So, IMO. I should use my programming skill to get to college. Instead of learning unrelated field, like … idk

I don’t really have stances

Writing my thought is really good (Thx Ajik), now I realize how weird my stances is

I believe in Computer Science, programming should be put at number 1

But now I write this post… I don’t really think so anymore

I mean I already learned programming this far since 5th grade. Where did I learn all of it? Internet

So, programming can be obtained (And better be obtained) via the internet

So, should I not go to college altogether? No

My main motivation to go to college was, to get experiences. Those experiences, I want to use them to write novel and stuff. That’s what I thought around the end of last year (Because I write Disconnect Nostalgia novel)

But now I think about it. Interpersonal skills, and there’s more stuff to study in college.

Programming shouldn’t be the main priority. Being live in society is the main things that should be teached at college

Learning about my own society directly from teacher’s experience is way better, than reading a writting from anonymous in the internet

That‘s a convenient argument. That strengthen my argument to go to UNUD instead of ITS

But well… I still haven’t answer the question yet

Why I study? especially right now? Why should I study?

Maybe I will just give you a cliche answer,

I study to get you to a better place~

I study for myself. For now, and for the future

Me, now

Is that what I really want to answer this question with? Maybe

But to be honest, I didn’t and still don’t know why I study

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