Why I use GCP

As a part of my #migrating to wordpress tag, I want to talk a bit about why I choose to use GCP

Why now? Because I planned to switch server provider soon

My server hasn’t been stable for the last week or so. Sometimes I just can’t connect to my blog for no reason

Like right now, I write The Art Of Quote … my server down

But let’s talk about that later when I finally switched

Now, I want to talk more about why I use GCP to host my WordPress blog

After before I talked about Why I Switched To WordPress

Actually, GCP wasn’t my first option. It was Niagahoster

GCP wasn’t even my second option, it was Ms. Azure

GCP was my third option

I have some experience with GCP before, mostly from Project Letisha’s Firebase Backend

But that wasn’t a good experience. Because I already got used to Ms. Azure’s dashboard, GCP dashboard just looks like a mess for my untrained eyes

But, after knowing Go-Jek and Ruangguru use GCP, I think I would give GCP a second chance

I mean, Go-Jek and Ruangguru must have some kind of reason to use GCP right?

I mean if they think AWS  or Ms. Azure are better surely they would choose them instead of GCP right

Basically I want to skip the hard work that is to choose platform, and instead just use what people actually already use


Shit, I forget to continue writing this post… this post just sit there on my draft for 5 days

And now, this post already irrelevant because I switched server provider, again. I am using DigitalOcean right now

Why I switch? I will talk about that in another post

But let’s get back to the point, why did I choose to use GCP?

Well, it was mostly experimental

As I said before, knowing Ruangguru and Go-jek use GCP really influenced me


Google is one of the top 3 companies (IMO, other than Microsoft and Apple), and their services depend heavily on internet

Like, Google Search for example, their main product. I bet there’s a lot of people use Google as their main homepage, or at least search engine

That says a lot, they obviously have a really good infrastructure to support Google Search with that millions of search request every… minute I guess

The experience they have building that infrastructure, could be used to make GCP better

Similar to how AWS come to be

Next reason is, well… I’m broke

Google is post-paid, so we use first than I paid at the end of the month

I have literally no money earlier this month, but I really wanted to switch to WordPress

So my rationale was, well… maybe at the end of this month, I will have enough money to pay for it

Yeah that’s it

But, lemme re-iterate this again… I already switched server provider again

As I said, it was an experiment, and I wasn’t satisfied with the result

The main reason I switch are, the cost of running GCP Compute Engine, and the GCP’s Dashboard

I still can’t use the dashboard very well…

Maybe I just way too noob to use GCP~

This is a hidden footnote

Also, don’t forget to read why I choose to switch again to DigitalOcean

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