Why I always got sick, almost at the worst time possible

As the title said, I just got sick, well I am still kinda sick, but I am way better now

The idea that I would post 100 stories every month (So around 4 post a day) now sounds so ambitious

Well, it is. But now even keeping myself up to post just one story every single day is already getting hard

I didn’t post on 14 and 15 of February because my server was down (And XMLRPC)

But I didn’t post yesterday and two days ago, because I got sick

Well, if you count this emergency post that I forgot to delete as a post. You can say that I just didn’t post yesterday (February 27th)

I got sick, it actually started around the time I was finishing my Patra Ulanda Drawing. So, late in the night

My nose was… googling the term for it… runny..?

Well, my nose was runny around the time I was finishing my Patra Ulanda, it blocked my airways and I remembered this thing I saved in one of my quick access tote bag, a Vicks Inhaler that I have since a months ago

But this runny nose problem probably started because my usual procrastination before exam. That procrastination is cleaning my bedroom

I clean my bedroom from early Sunday to Afternoon, without a mask. With a lot of dust no wonder if I got a runny nose

Well, Monday, I didn’t get sick, earlier in the morning at least. In the night I got runny nose (I finished my Patra late Monday)

Then Tuesday morning, nothing remarkable

I got a chemistry practice exam on Tuesday that involves a tool that shared among other students

That tube, we use negative pressure (Sucking it) to get some NaOH, which then we will use for Titration

I had a suspicion even before I enter the lab, did they clean the tools corrently?

But bystander affected me, I was too afraid to asked permission for cleaning the tools myself

My theory why I got sick is, that long period of time using that inhaler (Probably 3 hours) exhaust my nose’s mucus, my throat and my uvula

Then when my mouth contacted with that tube, some bacterial/virus got inside my body

And because I exhausted my mucus membrane, there’s not much protecting the lining of my throat and uvula, and they got infected

Around an hour after finishing the chemistry exam, I started to feel weird in my throat, I felt dry in my mouth so I can’t speak for long

Then I realized that I got sick (Still at school, working on another Patra project)

An IG story by a friend of mine

Then after finishing the second patra project, I rushed my way to home. My friends asked me to eat out together, but I had to decline

I open my Quick Access Tote Bag again and found my Thermometer. I checked myself, and guess what, it’s one and a half degree above normal

Then I felt a sleep

Around 4PM, I woke up and checked for my temp again, and it was raising

It is clear by then that I got sick. Most probable cause is virus/bacterial infection, why? To my understanding, our body will increase our body temp to help our immune fight off infection

6:30 PM and my temp is still high

My body temp peak around 39.6 degree C, really really at dangerous level

Realizing the situation (I am in the middle of exam week, and sick), I go to doctor

For context, I don’t usually like going to doctor, in fact I hate it. If I can, I will force myself to stay on bed instead of going to a doctor. Usually.

But this is at dangerous level, I already feel my coordination and balance messed up (Vertigo)

So yeah, I push my parent to drive me to doctor. Driving alone is too dangerous. But the thing is my father is super slow, I was desperate and he didn’t really trying to help

That make my father sounds bad. But yeah, just like me, he is bad at handling situation like this

Half an hour later my mother came home, I told her how serious my temperature were, and she panicked

Then blablabla, we went to our Family Doctor, waiting in line (My mother tried to skip the line, but I told her not to)

Because the line is long she wants to go to a hospital instead, but I told her not to, don’t remember why. I am studying biology (For next day’s exam) while waiting in line

Got checked, got diagnosed… my uvula was swollen, my doctor afraid that I will get Tipes if my body temp don’t start to decline

Or I will get blacked out if I push myself, therefore she issued a letter that basically said I have to get rest for three days straight

I was nodding to her, but in my mind I was like, I can’t skip school tomorrow because I got biology exam. No info for follow up exam from my teacher

Well, this whole exam feel rushed tbh

So yeah, usually I will be happy if I can skip school, but not for that day. The doctors also really insisted for me to get some rest, they seem really worried

But well, I got back home with my med, got to my bed, asked my mother to go buy few things (Mainly eggs and bye-bye fever)

I eat the egg, drank the meds, put the Bye-bye fever compress on my forehead, my mother clean some of my sweat, then sleep around 9 PM. Maybe I just awake for 9 hours that day, 15 hours of sleeping

The very next day, I woke up around 4AM (I set up some alarms) so I got time to study, I didn’t really study anything the day before

Well, I wasn’t feeling well (Of course) that day, which is yesterday btw (Damn)

My temp was dropping, too low in fact to a low 36 degree. I consider around 36.5 as my normal body temp

But well, it was early morning (Around 4 AM) so maybe my body just wasn’t warmed up yet

But my head was, I started opening my phone and look for human anatomy, skeleton, DNA structure, cell, dioctyl/monocotyl and tons more. I study hard in that 4 to 6:30 AM time span, not the best situation for me

I and my classmates (Even the lazy ones) already started studying biology since last week because we know this practice is probably the hardest one

I took a shower, went to school, study again, do the biology exam, not badly, but not my best

Make the handmade subject’s exam, I made a shirt out of scrap biology exam paper btw, to protest against the biology exam (Mostly for joke)

Then come to this morning, I actually have a PE Class exam today. I usually don’t like PE class that much, but I want to force myself to this one last time

But I cancel that mission, because I realize, the concern that my doctors gave me is a genuine one, I don’t want my body to deteriorate even further because this one stupid exam

Yesterday I already forced my body so hard, maybe I will give my body a break today

I felt left alone today, when my classmates overcome the PE exam together, and share their memories about it, I am here, in my bedroom, sick

I will talk more about my last practical exam, by day later

But yeah, I am sick, of being sick~

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