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Let’s talk about something that currently I care about

Honestly, I don’t want to care about it. But I forced to care about it. Yeah, about money

Do I want money? Yeah of course! Not the money itself, it basically just a paper, it doesn’t have any intrinsic value

Then, why I said I want money?

Well, I care and want the things that I could do and have with money, I mean you too right?

Like, I want to buy a laptop, I need money. I want to make a business, I need a capital. I want to donate, I need money. I want to do my hobbies, I need money

Fortunately my hobbies are not that expensive, there’re a lot more hobbies out there that cost a lot

If I have to list it, things that cost me money in my hobbies include something like

  • Cost for server, domain
  • Cost for internet, payed content
  • Cost for gadget like laptop, smartphones, computer
  • Cost for right, like Google Play Store’s publishing right, and Apple’s one

Maybe that sum it all… well not really actually. There’s a lot of hidden cost that I couldn’t list. Not to mention cost for time

Cost for time huh? It sounds good to explain it here… I have national exam and more exams coming shortly, but rather than studying, I just do programming and stuff, like this one (Writing here)

Also, I want to have financial freedom as soon as I could. And financial stability, and stuff. I also need more money so I can invest it.

But, rather than want, let’s talk about necessity… or at least something that I would classify as a need than a luxury. At this context (This blog and Migrating to Wordpress)

Server Cost

Yeah, it costs money to run this blog, this wordpress blog. (Blogger is free btw). Especially with the server that I use

I use Google Cloud Platform‘s Compute Engine as my server. I will talk about my decision later, here. I will just talk about the cost associated with it here

Well, at this time…. especially this time. It’s really hard for me to spend money, mostly because I am currently in the To College Arc. Even now, I have to spend my own money just to raise my probability to be accepted at a college, a public college to be more specific

I mentioned my own money there. Well, as a high schooler my source of money is still my parent. But I consider some money as mine, and some other as my parents’

For example, my parents’ usually give me money every weekdays to go to school… to eat that is

I also got some money selling stuff (I haven’t write about it, but I sold pulsa and online once). And from my achievement, like top students usually got money (But I haven’t got rank recently 😢)

I would consider that as my money. That is the money that I use for my hobbies, buying my domain, server and stuff

My money is not that much, IDR 10K for 6 days everyweek. So, around $5 per weeks… and I still have to spend it for, like eating at school, and quality time with friends (This is important, seriously)

Also, that to college stuff I talked about. I follow some paid competition, buying books, subscribe to something etc

Well, I do ask for money when it comes to eating and education… you should too

But hobbies? My parent doesn’t really know about my hobbies, well… they know of course… but only the very surface of it

And, my moral compass just doesn’t allow me to ask my parents money for my own hobbies, the happiness that I am the only one who will fell it

So yeah, I need money for financial reason… is that wrong?

Let’s talk more about the server. The things that I worried would cost me money, a lot.

Just running the server for two days already cost me more than what I earned from ads since I got accepted to Adsense 😂. Really sad, and worrisome

So, that’s an average of $0.20 per day. For 30 days it already costs me $6 (Estimation)

That’s why I have to bump up the amount of ads (While keeping it not annoying) and optimizing my SEO, and maybe some more

Just to keep writing for no one to read… sorry, lemme correct it

I write these not for me now, not for you

But for myself in the future

Me now

It doesn’t really sounds good. Obviously it’s for you, the reader that is… I want to switch chair anyway,

From no-one who got inspired to someone who inspires others

A naive me

So, I need to keep this blog up, and the server running. To inspire others I need to work. And I need money to do it

If this is an utopia, I wouldn’t need to spend money to do good.

But this is just a selfish me trying to do a selfish things that indirectly resulted in good

So I’ll just have to bare with it, for now~

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