The Mars Family Story

I got a new story pitch after watching this vid by Kurzgesagt

Let’s say, we send …

You know what, I just googled “should we send man or woman to mars” I genuinely have no idea what kind of team should humanity send to Mars…

1 Man? Bad! Isolation is basically the one single thing that definitely will kill this man

2 Man? Idk, I already started hearing people saying ‘sexist’, and I think sending a woman is important too, just to collect more data

2 Man 1 Woman? Definitely bad, what humanity doing? Sending people to Mars so they can have triangle love?!

2 Man 2 Woman, already coupled? Kinda good I guess, can’t really tell

I mean, can we even theoretically send 4 people to Mars? Can we EVEN send someone to Mars?

Nah, Sci-Fi it is then

Let’s call them… the first couple Dika and Mia, then the second couple Diki and Mei

I feel uncomfortable using those names (Because I have friends with similar names), but well, those are the easiest couple names I can think as of now

Those 4 people sent to Mars to study the long term effect of being at Mars. Using one single rocket engine, that I would name FAR (Freaking Amazing Rocket), not that it is important though

Let’s kill one of them, I think I want to create triangle love after all

After arriving at Mars a couple months after launch, they quickly build a basic base using material that also sent alongside their rocket

So there are two rocket currently at Mars now, one of them carry passengers, and the other carries materials and other base-building stuff to the Mars

After the base has completed, one of the women went crazy, let’s say Mia went crazy and cause one of the rocket to exploded, with her

So now, there are only 3 people, 2 man and a woman at Mars. And one rocket, that can’t be used to fly back to Earth, need to wait for a couple more months. When Mars and Earth at its nearest point

Why left only one rocket? Maybe I can use that later, so if they want to left Mars, they have to do it together. They can’t be separated, I mean, there’s only one rocket

They survived the Mars, even with additional responsibilities they have to take from Mia.

They live in a bunker, that is buried under the Martian soil and solid CO2 to reduce the risk of radiation

They live under one roof and work together inside the small bunker space. They control some robot to work as them outside, those robots are their hand and foot, and sensor, and others too

They’re confined in a small space, they can’t easily get outside, no windows, a lot of stress…

Then, Dika fell in love with Mei… making the triangle love

Here, add something to spice up their relationship, maybe some fight, and a technical problem they have to face, a life-or-death situation when one of the men have to go outside and fix it

After a long love fight, maybe… maybe a love under (Hidden love)… they got bad news… maybe a big deadly storm will hit them, and they have to leave

And they just left… together… maybe

Idk, people will expect something went horrible wrong here, and one of them have to stayed at Mars and die… but I want to make a plot twist…..

Also, I don’t really want to stressed the leaving the Mars part, maybe I will just left it out.

I want to explore the live and love of people that live at the Mars…

Now I think about it, I haven’t watch Interstellar and The Martian, and the others

Idk, just a Note to self

I think I just loved the feeling of alone or togetherness inside a small confined space… like in a car, a plane, a mothership etc

This feeling came from watching Zoids Chaotic Century, living and controlling the world from inside the cockpit… feels so personal and stuff… me time thingy… idk

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