That time when I’m the only one who attend PE class

I think it is already well established that I am lazy…

I mean, attending a PE class is already some kind of achievement for me, I even wrote about it… and now you know how many times I skipped PE classes :v

Now I tried to recall about it, I think I only attend 1 PE classes in January 2019… there should be 4 PE classes (Every Thursday) each month, but my teacher was busy with something so there’re only 2 PE classes in January… and I only attended one of it

I think…

This week’s PE classes, on Thursday, was quite interesting… no, IT IS INTERESTING, especially because I made it interesting.

This Thursday’s morning was raining quite heavily, there are thunderstorm and lighting in the sky. I woke up at 4:50 AM as my Alarmy usually forced me to do

And of course, being a lazy person… not only me, but my entire class was like, “I hope today will rain until at least 6:30 so there will be no PE class”

Wednesday usually rainy in the Morning, so PE classes usually not held on Wednesday, classes that have PE on Wednesday is really lucky

Thursday in the other hand, simply put is PHP, usually…

PE classes started at 6, if it is rainy at 6, the PE won’t be held. So if it is rainy from 4 to 5:50, but not 6, the PE will be held ‘quite’ normally

Which is what usually happens to my class. We already happy that it was rainy, then at around 5:59 the rain suddenly stopped… which was like… faking shit

But, this Thursday wasn’t like that… it was rainy, my classmates was lazy and most of them don’t even want to go to the field, while the other can’t because the rain was too heavy

That was when I got this genius idea…

What if, I am the only one who attends the PE class?!

Yeah, I forced myself to get away from the warmth of my bed. Then changed my cloth to my school’s PE uniform

Because I was too lazy to wear a raincoat (And I didn’t know where my raincoat was), I only used a jacket. Then using my motorcycle, I break through the heavy rain and arrived at the field


Like literally alone, no one around… only me, and my helmet…

Okay… lemme tell you my rationale

Well, doing something interesting is always my intention… well, actually more like I hate boredom

That is why… I want to do, something out of the ordinary, something that my friend won’t think I would do… expectation-violation paradigm-ish … if I want to look smarter

And, my PE’s teacher knows that I am lazy (I mean he must’ve noticed I rarely attend his classes). So, if I am the only one who attends his class, that must surprise him… right?

Well, around 6:23… still no one around

Then I saw this one cycler passed me, I took a picture of him, send it to my class’s WA group and captioned it something like “PE teacher came!”

Which of course made quite a storm in my chat group, for like a minute… then they realize that can’t be our PE teacher. He usually wears training trousers, and nothing about that guy in the picture resembled him

Then one of my friends received a message from him (The PE teacher), usually if 6:15 he hasn’t arrived at the field, we can go home. But the message postponed it, to 6:40… kinda unfair tbh

But I still am the only one at the field… here, I thought, maybe the teacher will give me bonus point if I am the only one who attends his class?… From just a joke (Yeah, I do my joke too seriously) to a bonus point

Which, I hate… I hate student that does things just to received score…

So… after some more chit chat at my wa group… I left the field and went to Galih’s kost

My pants got wet when I went from home to the field (I only wear a jacket, not a raincoat)

Then from the field to Galih’s kost (Which wasn’t too far, only like 200 meters or so) my pants got even wetter… it was still rainy, not as heavy though

When I arrived at Galih’s kost, I sent this pict to my wa group

I joked that I forgot to bring my sport-shoe, which obviously I am not. I put my shoes in my motorcycle’s compartment because I don’t want to run in wet shoes.

Now I think about it, running in a wet pant does sound bad… but at least my head was dry (I have this weakness, if my head is wet, even for a short time, I will get sick)

I just curious, do they know I was trying to make fun the whole time?

I mean if you have a friend that is well known as the laziest person, do something so diligent and out of his character… do you think that as a joke, or as something serious?

And btw,

At Galih’s kost, one of my friend Wira stayed there the last night. Which is kinda a story on its own. I want to talk about it in another post

I took a selfie, and sent it to my wa group

That Wira, is someone who has kinda the same thought as mine (Which was really surprising when I found that out)

You can boil those efforts that I did that day to this sentence

If you want to be remembered, be someone special, or do something weird, just like the one I did today

Update: This whole experiences happened on January 31st, 2019. From 5 to 8 AM. There’s another story for another time that played out after 8 AM.

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