Shelter Porter Robinson, the song that we played at school anniversary

I felt in love with one of Porter’s music, Sad Machine. I feel like that music-vid should get an oscar or something

It was around October 2016. I was listening to some Vocaloid song when I stumbled upon Sad Machine vid on YouTube

PS. I probably listening to Vocaloid music because this one particular vid, Reboot that I listened to in junior high, and I was looking for it around October

Huft… I can’t really tell, are those really what happened? Or is it just my brain trying to fill in the blank? But let’s pretend that’s what happened

I listen to Sad Machine for days, weeks, I even still listen to it these days…

Until one day, when I looked into Porter’s channel. I saw he just uploaded a new music vid, simply titled Shelter

It probably took a couple of listening before I felt in love with it, just like Sad Machine. But when I felt in love with it, it was just… beautiful

A music that he made because of his love toward Anime… that’s amazing…

A passion project of his

BTW. About being amazed by passion project, Galih recently fell in love with Bohemian Rhapsody. I won’t say it is bad (It is good), but I don’t really know the back story of it. So I can’t appreciate it enough. I appreciate Shelter more because I know the back story of it (There’s a crunchyroll vid about it)

It have story, a small yet beautiful story… the animation? BEAUTIFUL AS WELL… I mean he worked with A-1 Picture!

Also… don’t forget Madeon… Porter and Madeon made this song together… it’s kinda unfair to credit it to just to Porter… but… well, idk

Inspired by one visual from the vid, I even made this Instagram post using After Effect or something

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Nyobak #ae #porterrobinson #shelter

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Also, one day in the series of event to celebrate my school anniversary (Around October 2016)… lemme fact check that

Yeah it was

I and Arya have this idea to play this song as the background music. You know, the music that they play in the background in this kind of event, usually Happy Birth Day, EDM, Jambrud’s Selamat Ulang Tahun or something

But we want to share our weabooness to the world…. or to the school to be more accurate

I was hesitant (Of course), but after a lot of discussion (More like talking), we asked the operator to play this song for us! Arya did the talking, I did the tailing 👌

And… eaps! They played the song!

Hahaha… 😂 what a day…

But seriously though, this music-vid is amazing… the music alone is good, but it’s 10 times better with the visual!

I also watch some reaction to it, particularly Fine Brothers one… and yeah… it is good!

You should watch it too~

This post was written on Feb 6th. I need to stockpile posts so I can keep up with this program, while in the same time spend more time studying… I haven’t study yet btw

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