No more 100 posts per month

A couple of days ago, I created a new writing format for this blog. A shorter writing format.

But I realized, my writing format doesn’t really change, like at all… it’s still kinda long, sidetracked a lot, not comprehensive and so on

As the time going faster and faster (Not objectively speaking), and national exam, sbmptn, snmptn and exam in general quickly approaching. I need to spend more time studying, which I haven’t really doing

I noticed that I wrote most of my post late night, from around 8 to 12 PM every day. And that took a lot of my times. The times that I COULD use for studying

There’s… maybe… Maybe I use writing for this blog to postpone studying, maybe writing this blog is just an excuse, maybe the goodwill behind these posts is only my justification for not studying

I can’t tell anymore

Have you ever felt or thought like, you can’t separate between your feeling and your thought. Those two entities tie too nicely to each other that sometimes it is hard for me to distinguish which is which.

It happened to me last year, I felt in love. Or more, I liked someone.

I wasn’t sure, if it was just my feeling at the moment or what. So my thought tried to combat it. I tried to find reason, why did I like her? Are the reasons good enough? Will it just hurt me, or her, or both?

I can’t really say, did I liked her because my thought, or because my feeling. “Wait, you just said that your thought is the one who combated it” well, there’s a reason why I said my thought is the reason I liked her as well

Idk, to put simply… what I wanna say is, it is hard sometimes to distinguish my mind and my feeling, my conscious and my subconscious decision. It is hard.

Back to topic

My resolution, my initial resolution was 100 posts for 2019 already achieved. I don’t want 100 posts for every month now, it’s just too much work

I will reduce it to something easier, something more manageable, 1 post every day.

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