My waking up schedule

I’ve fixed my sleep schedule since a couple months ago

Then, last week, because of SNMPTN, it broke again

I will talk more about SNMPTN, but here I will focus on my broken up waking up schedule

Back in the days, months ago, I usually set my alarm at 5, I woke up at 5, then felt asleep again

I realized waking up then falling asleep again in the morning affected me badly

Therefore, I stop setting my alarm at 5. Except for PE Class at Thursday

I started setting my alarm at 6.10, not a really time to start a day mind you. But at least I don’t have to feel light-headed because falling asleep

So, my waking up schedule is bad, but still in the tolerate able realm

I sleep kinda late, around 1 AM. And that’s also bad, but I compensate it by having a nap in the evening (Which is bad as well)

Simply put, I have a bad but telerateable sleeping-waking habit

Not really, lack of good night sleep affected my memory really badly

Then SNMPTN, come around

I started to have nightmares because the stress it put into my unconsciousness. I did write my dream down, but it was in Bahasa, here

Then, starting from 11th of February, I forced myself to sleep way later, and/or waking up earlier

I told you I sleep around 1 Am right? Now, because the bad that is SNMPTN’s server. I have to find a time when less people accessing the server

Hundred of thousand of student have to accessing this server around the same time, it make the server down, always

Hence the infamous 502 Bad Gateway

A screenshot of the infamous 502, from my wa group There’re plenty of screenshots to choose from, unfortunately

LTMPT, the organization that are responsible for this server (?) issued a recommendation for student to access this server when less people usually access this server

So, when is that time? Eaps, late in the night or way early morning, when people USUALLY are still sleeping

So yeah, my government basically told me to have a bad sleep, or maybe even none

As a form of protest to my government, I do live streams, two of them. One in the Instagram Live and another in YouTube Live. You can watch me, finally able to finalize my data, the painful 5 days, well you only able to watch 2 hours of it

Can you see how happy I was when I finally did it?

Well, that live stream happen at February 15th, finished around 3 or 4 AM in the morning

I’ve been having this kind of sleep for the last 5 or 6 days prior to finalizing my data. 2 to 3 hours sleep each night

Then, days after that. I still haven’t fully recover, I skipped school that day, and the next day as well (Friday and Saturday) because I felt so tired and sleepless

The worst thing is, my circadian rhythm already used to that sleeping habit, sleeping at 3AM in the morning

After 5 days, my body think that I moved to another country and tried to compensate for it. Mis-sync circadian rhythm is the reason people got jet lagged

Today is February 20th, and I still can’t get myself to sleep at 12AM, yesterday I got sleep around 2 AM, two days ago around 3 AM… eaps, the consequences not only affect me until I finalize the data, but even after it

I tried to forced myself to sleep, but even after I turned off the lamp, and basically forcing myself to sleep, by forcing boredom (Like counting sheep, inspired by Mr. Bean), reading Tri Sanja on repeat (Hindu’s prayer) I still can’t get myself to sleep

Well, I can’t blame SNMPTN and LTMPT for it… I can blame myself for most of it, but still SNMPTN is a huge factor for my lack of sleep lately

Not to mention keeping up with this blog

Well, that hard moment would be worth it if I got to university via SNMPTN route, I really hope so… I really am

Well, even now I think that sleepless night event is worth it… I mean, my classmates tried their best to help us (Who haven’t finalize their data, including me) to finish this

I learned it from Citizenship subject at school, one reason Indonesian feels unity, is because they went through the same shit… same history basically, going the same problem help us bond to each other. Something that is called as Misattributed of Arrousal.

So yeah, I hope I got to uni via SNMPTN~

Also, I just found out, Alarmy, my alarm app have history feature… And I got my alarm history (Most of it at least) from November 2017. Not really effective representation of my sleeping habit, but I just wanted to share it

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