My university research toward SNMPTN

Hey, here’s an idea

Why don’t I list all the research (YouTube only cuz that’s easier) that I did toward the SNMPTN

I write this description at the 9th of February, and I will still update this until maybe February 14th (Last day of SNMPTN registration)… probably, if I still remember about it

While writing this description, the top most vid was titled “University udayana Jalan university jimbaran bali”, that will change as I will do more research later today, tomorrow and so on

I think I will re-read this post, probably in 5 years or something. I am sure there will be deleted or privated vid, but who cares anyway

Btw. just by this list you can see how my process to go to university. Something like, first I decided what faculty to go, then what university to go

Then I decided which university. Then doubt about it, then decided again, then doubt about it again and so on

I also do research on SNMPTN and SBMPTN. Especially SNMPTN, because I want to maximize my chance on SNMPTN

Also, SNMPTN and SBMPTN and blablabla was so complicated

This is in chronological, descending order. The newest at the top, while the oldest at the bottom

I already researching university since years ago, and started researching intensely around October last year

But this post only contain since around late December, because… my computer isn’t strong enough

And, I can keep scroll to the bottom and still see more research… I need to limit the infinity in some way 🤣

Why did I do this? Idk

So my junior can see the research that I did? So my future self can see if my research was good or bad? Idk

Maybe just a procrastination, because tomorrow I got statistic competition (STATION ITS) to follow

February 9th, 2019 << It won’t embedded for some reason

Okay, that’s it

My computer screaming hard :’v

It lagged too much. There’s thousand of videos that I watch every week, like literally (I didn’t actually count them). I realize how addicted I am to YouTube

I am glad that most of the research that I did was in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language), so I can do a quick glance and read it. For some reason I can differentiate between bahasa and English fast, just by glancing at it

I read that our mind read text before we actually read the text, maybe that’s why

But yeah, I will put some description at the top of this post so it can Excerp the post nicely

Also, that’s not all the research I did. I started researching intensely since around October or November 2018, but this only list as far as late December

The lagged was too annoying

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