My Last Practical Exam in High School

Starting from tomorrow, and last for a week, I will have a practical exam, idk what it really called in English but you get the point

My schedule look something like this

Monday-Wednesday: Hard
Thursday-Saturday: Hopefully easy

Well, I hope Monday through Wednesday are easy, hope my teachers would gave us an easier time

Well, my exact schedule looks like this

Don’t expect me to translate it for you, I only got 7 minutes left before this day end

Also, I already learned the test for religion (Making some kind of spiritual tools? Yajna tools, idk what to call it, Sengkui and Sanggah Cucuk)

But I also got physics tomorrow, and my teacher just sent the details like, 4 hours ago, probably not enough time

A lot of practical exam, but a lot of practicum in my day to day study

So yeah, this is probably the last practical exam that I would have to finish, in my 12 years of compulsory study

I will definitely have more in college

If you’re wondering, I just trying to meet my writing quota for today, because writing is hard, and I am in a hard day(s) now

Bye, hope us, you, me, and my friends, the best~

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