Muscle Soreness

Do you know that feeling called muscle soreness?

Me? Well, I am way too familiar with this feeling that I started to hate myself, JK

Basically, if you haven’t done any workout, or hard physical activity for a while, then you do a hard workout all of the sudden, you would feel this weird uncomfortable sensation all over you body

This happen, according to my understanding at least, because our muscle teared apart when doing physical workout

Don’t worry, don’t worry, that’s normal… well, it’s completely normal

You can learn more about how muscles got bigger in this vid

TL;DR when you step up your exercise game, or just starting to do workout for that matter. Your muscle (That haven’t got used to this new level of exercise) will teared apart because of the stress you put into your muscle

Then, to compensate with that, your muscle will fix itself, with an added bonus of preparing itself for this level of workout next time

So, to get a bigger muscle, you need to break your muscle… to an extent, with a lot more factors to consider, for example protein consumption and sleep

I am familiar with this feeling ever since 5th grade. That time, I was rarely playing football with my local friends

But when I did, I often got muscle soreness. I didn’t know what it was called at the time, my father thought it was rematik (Rheumatism)

Until recently, probably in last year, in senior highschool, not sure when. I heard about muscle soreness on YouTube (I watch mostly English content) then I googled it, and realize it was a similar feeling that I felt

Now I know what it is, I can started to get around it, and fix it, and avoid it in the future

Which lead to our main story… damn that was a really long intro. What’s up with shorter writing format, me?

As I mention in an 8 hours a day sleeping plan. I just got muscle soreness, since two days ago

So, yesterday I have a gymnastic test on my PE classes, I and my group (Gebuh + Bayu) create the gymnastic rhythm at Wednesday evening

Being a high school student that we are, we got sidetracked a lot. Two of which are: Fantasying being hero, and did gym

I would put the fault on Anjay, he is like the muscle lover in our group. When he saw the gym equipment Arya have in his house, he immediately use it

That thing in the background, and let’s pretend you didn’t see us playing hero, especially that… wtf were we doing :v

Then skip skip skip, we did some workout, like running, pulling some elastic things, idk what others are called

Then, I got a notification from my Google Calendar reminding me about Planking (The reminder is at 7.30PM, wew we were so late)

That’s when I did planking, and we challenge each other to do planking, and then ended up with push up

Anjay taught me how to do a push up properly

Well, I did the usual push up nicely (He surprised with that), but then he taught me the other two variation of it

One with chair, and one more with chair but hand on the lower… idk how to describe it

That’s maybe the reason I got muscle soreness

We also diamond push up, I can’t do diamond push up… I did 9 consecutive normal push ups btw

With added some weird movement we got for gymnastic. I basically forced to use muscle that I rarely use

The thing is, I worked out pretty regularly (Until last month, fu exam and to college stuff). But most of my workout focus on my legs and bicep

That’s a 6 kilos barbell, also I do jogging pretty regularly, until last month at least

So, I got a nice bicep… that helped me do more push up than what I normally can do… the problem is, my muscle distribution is bad

I put too much stress on my untrained triceps because my bicep is relatively too strong

And that my friend, is why you need a professional trainer to guide you doing work out. Me!

So, yeah… after we finish the preparing, we went for dinner, went home. I wrote my waking up schedule and sleep

That’s when the thing I briefly describe here happen… lemme quote it here

… I just write about my messed up waking up schedule yesterday. And last night, I can’t even sleep comfortably because I got muscle soreness
I sleep around 1AM, maybe, then woke up again at 3AM (Because of the muscle soreness in my bicep and tricep), then proceed to sleep again and wake up again at 4:50AM for PE Class
My class got a rhythmic gymnastic test this morning, so I forced myself so hard this morning even though my sleep was bad, and my body (And mind) need time to relax …

The thing that I didn’t say is, that awaken at 3AM is killing me

Both of my arms felt so weird, it wasn’t painful, but it was painfully uncomfortable

That uncomfortableness is the reason I got awakened. So you know how bad it was

I was so confused, why my arm felt so weird… I wasn’t sure at the time

But I need to get to sleep more, I have PE class later that day. I tried forcing myself to sleep, but I just can’t, my arm was killing me

I tried to angle my arms, weighted it, sleep over it… I even tie my arm with my belt and senteng

Basically I want to replace that uncomfortableness with the feeling of painfulness. Idk, I just feel can handle pain better

And I don’t remember why, but I felt asleep… that tie-ing my arm plan was a failure btw

So yeah, next thing I remember I woke up, went to PE class, forced myself to do the gymnastic movement, a lot of times (We need to practice, again, and again)

Then I went home from PE class (To prepare for school later that afternoon), but after resting myself (And watch YouTube), I just like… can’t really move

Well, I can of course, but I just don’t wanna… So I skipped school

So yeah, distribute your workout evenly~

Btw that is an example of koyo that I use, my bicep is good, my tricep not so much
Replacing uncomfortableness with pain, why didn’t I had this stored in my first aid kit

This is the first post I manage with my Trello btw

And no, I don’t blame Anjay for this, but myself

And it was worth it, probably

And this is 12:26 AM already, I need to watch my clock more closely next time, bye~

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