Mob Psycho 100, Being true, TV, friend and that emotional moment

I genuinely have no good title for this, I will be so disappointed if I can’t find this post in the future

Basically, I will talk specifically about the 7th Episode of second season of Mob Psycho 100, things that I learned from that episode and episodes that lead to that episode

For some reason, I think Reigen is the main character for this arc, well he is

Just to put it bluntly, it is easy to flip comedy into drama, I learned this from Angel Beats. And this apply for Mob Psycho 100 as well

I have written about Mob Psycho in the past

I didn’t think One-sensei (The creator of Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man) was that special. But now I rethink about it again, he is good. I just wasn’t experienced enough to appreciate his story (I have this opinion in Junior high)

Now, damn… I really appreciate his story. After I realized people praised One-sensei all over the internet, and now I see it with my own eyes, he is good, he is great

I guess, something that I learned from his story may looks something like this

You need to be experienced enough to realize how great something is

Me, now

Okay, let’s get to the main point now

Being True

Have you ever feel like you’re obligated to do something that’re not true to yourself? I do

One, maybe, for example, acting fine and tough and fun in front of my friends. Even though that’s not the usual me. Maybe that’s just my persona

But sometimes, I feel just being someone else that’re not me

Here, Reigen invited to a TV station. Skip, skip, skip. Reigen have to “cure” someone that got possessed by a demon

He initially realized that someone wasn’t possessed, just acting according to a script

But according to my altered interpretation, Reigen feel obligated to follow this script

And he did, mostly because he thought that script is on his side

That, caused him a lot of trouble

Idk what to put here again. But, usually I feel obligated to do something because of my teacher

Oh yeah

One example, in my national exam simulation I want to spent the full time to answer the questions. But, everyone already leave (The score doesn’t affect our grade) and there’s still 40 minutes left

I want to spent that time to recheck my answer. But when I see my teacher that watch over us, well, I am the only one left. I feel like my teacher wanted me to finish my work asap. So he, including me, can go home faster

That’s something that I regret. Next time, I will try to use my who care principle

That Emotional Moment

This is really great

I can’t really put the emotional impact of this arc, or more specifically this scene onto words

In the previous episode, Reigen and Mob (The MC) fought and separated their ways. The way the anime directed, make it looks like a long times has been passed, and then the story in this episode unfolded

Reigen come to TV, he got exposed, blablabla, and ended up makes a press conference

While talking in the press, he reflected things that he got wrong

Man oh man, I can totally relate to Reigen’s back story

Then, blablabla, these happen

OMG, that is really great moment, then Mob, helped Reigen using his telekinesis. Let’s forget the plot holes here

Then, a really great song started playing, Reigen got out from the press, and met Mob

That moment, that direction, that scene, that song are just golden

I am tearing over it. One-sensei, you made a really great story. Bones studio you did a great adaptaion

I am genuinely inspired by this arc~

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