Mistake need to be pointed out so people can learn from it

Around 7:15 he stated something that I could really relate about`

Mistake need to be pointed out so people can learn from it

[Put someone’s name here]

I do mistake, you do mistake, that’s an unfortunate truth about life

You know what? Now I think about it, being not perfect is not bad after all. I mean that’s the whole purpose of having a partner after all

But the point is. Usually, I will do my best to avoid making mistake

That SNMPTN event yesterday? Yeah, it took me months to think about it. I think the good, the bad and the ugly. I tried to think as much outcome of my choices as possible

But I still make mistake

Hopefully not in my choices for SNMPTN

The closest mistake that I could think of right now is, XMLRPC.

Don’t know what is that? Well, currently I am using wordpress as my blogging platform, and occasionally I want to write stories from my phones instead of laptop

The wordpress app that I use, the official app, uses a feature of wordpress that called XMLRPC to connect with wordpress’s database, stats etc

And I was troubled, for some reason my wordpress.com can’t connect to this blog, when I open http://blog.harianugrah.com/xmlrpc.php it just redirected me to the homepage

I spent like 2 days trying to fix it, breaking my sitemap in the process

I was stressed out, and this whole event happens along with that stupid SNMPTN server problem. You could watch me suffer here, I will write a story about that later

Turned out, it was a stupid dumb attempt trying to fix something that’s so easy to fix, if, IF only I gave some more attention when creating my server. Eaps, the problem wasn’t in my wordpress installation, plugin, connectivity with wordpress.com, and stuff… but with the server

I will talk about that later

The problem happen because my server provider, DigitalOcean, disabled XMLRPC by default


The thing is, if only someone that is more experienced than me pointed that out when I am creating my server, I wouldn’t stressed out so much that my hand got so shaky about it

But let’s talk about more generalized example… or not

As I said, usually I would do things the best way I could, basically trying to avoid making mistake

But no oh no, when I made mistake, sometimes I just don’t realized it

Yeah, that’s the minority of the times, but that still happen

I think as I talk/doing things, so I would sorry if I made mistake. But, I think because I tried to avoid making mistake so badly, my mind sometimes subconsciously marked a mistake as not

Like, let’s say I have a friend (Which of course I do), and I wanted to make jokes with them

Sometimes I made jokes about them, which more often than not, we found it hilarious

But sometimes of that sometimes, they get offended. I would realized they’re angry about something, but I just don’t realize why

You could say I crossed the line

But the thing is, I don’t try to offend people intentionally. Usually.

In my perspective, they just got angry because some random things that have nothing to do with me

While in reality, I am the reason they got angry

Like this one girl, we jokes a lot, I usually make jokes about her being ugly… okay, writing that in English sounds so offensive

Maybe more like, a joke about her being not pretty…?

Those jokes are, well… jokes, at least for me. But sometimes they got offended, maybe because the way I say it was too harsh, and not following joke structure

And again, I don’t realize that I just made a mistake. I still don’t, I still joke about it because she laugh at it, most of the times

So, did I made a mistake? If yes, then what is it?

Maybe it is painfully obvious for you, but it’s not for me… Or as I would like to say it, reverse status quo. Yeah I made it up just now

I am writing about something that we thought as something everyone should know while in reality we only know it because that is our status quo, read it later!

Let’s change gear and shift our perspective a little

YouTube comment… and comment in the internet in general

This is something I thought a long time ago, was it a cryptomnesia? idk

Text, is an inferior medium than real life conversation. In real life conversation we got a lot more information than just text (The dialog)

Like, body language that show she is into you. Or that rambling voice that show she is confuse. Or that face that show her emotion.

Those small cues, can’t be transmitted via the medium of text

So, the sentence “You got it wrong” can be multipretted, multi interpretable? It can be offensive, or maybe just calm subtle voice

So, that is my explanation why people got offended so easily on the internet. Not enough information, fill in the gap, lack of emotion analysis…

If you’re wondering, ‘then why you blog instead of vlogging’… I got an answer, maybe in the future I will tell you

So yeah, it’s hard to determine, should we point out someone’s mistake? or just let it go (Frozen 2 guys!)

Maybe, both are and not are the right answer. Schrodinger huh, nice reference me~

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