Me in January 2119

About 5 months ago I have this idea to send a mail to the future so I will remember what I think today. And maybe make fun out of it.

I mean this entire segment, Dear Myself is just that… you know what? This entire blog is something like that as well. So I remember how the young of me think, and compare it to me in the future, or current me

Currently, I used this blog to see how my English has improved over the years. It improved a lot, that’s for sure

Just compare my current (Still broken) English with this post from 4 years ago. I don’t think I improved as much as I would like it to be

Watch this vid of 5 months ago,

I was inspired by my own post, kinda amazing to think about. To send myself in the future, my current state of mind, every month on 31st

PS. I just realized it got a flow into it. Not every month in a year has 31 days. April only has 30, and February only has like 28 days. I think I will change the schedule to every month on 28th

Why I talked about that? I thought you want to write in a shorter format? Well… those backstories have something to do with this

What I want people to remember about me in… 500 years is way too long, let’s change it to 100 years

What I want people to remember about me in 100 years: That guy who shows me how he handled his problem

That is what I’ve been doing for the last 31 days. I write about my experience and my thought on stuff.

Most of them are about my To College Arc, how I handle SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and last 6 months with my senior high school… badly

I want in the future, in one year. My junior can learn from my experience, I want them to know what I thought at what times

Something like asking myself about do I need my old friends one day, then don’t want to be separated from them in another day

Well… maybe people will remember my bad more than my good

But, people still can learn from my bad… and that’s good enough for me, as of now at least

So yeah, in one year. I want to show my junior how I handled my transition from senior high to college

Maybe not as effective as showing them, but not as bad as just telling them… I do think this is good enough

Also, I want to keep it in my memories. It is an important step in my life, I don’t want my forgetfulness to make me forgot this important milestone

And in 100 years… maybe people can compare how their education system work compare to mine today. And how they handle problem compare to me, now.

See you in a month

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