Knowing people deeper than their persona

This morning started a bit out of ordinary

Mostly because I had a competition, ITS Statistic Competition or STATION

But that’s about it

Today started as any other day, with my alarm at 6.10 AM

Then I woke up, expecting nothing out of ordinary. Except the competition of course

Then I took a shower. Btw, while I took a shower, my partner called my phone. She thought I was still sleeping

I am not that lazy…. or you know what, maybe I am

But the point is, after we finished the competition. We talked for a bit

More like an hour actually

There and then, I learned more about her

I didn’t actually put a lot of my mind toward her

One of my friend liked her. But that’s it

I even said she put a big persona on her face around a year ago. She is a manipulator I said

Being a manipulator myself, I thought I know her thought process

But, this afternoon. I realized, I was kinda correct, but also wrong

The correct is, she did put a big persona

The wrong is, what that persona is

The persona wasn’t exactly a manipulator, but I was biased. I interpreted that as a manipulator, because I was a manipulator

Now I learn more about her, I think that persona is more of a coping mechanism than a conscious decision to manipulate other

So yeah…

Most of the times, people don’t actually show everything about own self

Especially when talking about introvert

Also, sometimes people intentionally mislead other to interpret them wrongly

Though, maybe I make it sounded like a bad thing

But, I think, more often than not…

People do that, to deal with their problem

Showing that you have problem, can be interpreted as screaming that I suffer the most

That’s one problem that I have with this society

If I sounded like I just rambling around

Maybe that is because… I am~

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