Kittens Week by Week

I, probably come as no surprise … or probably it is a surprise that I love cat… I love them with passion

Around the month of January, I usually find a lot of cats here and there. Just like a couple of days ago, I found a cat struggle to cross a road

It happened in a crossroad just north of my house, a cat at the east side of the road was trying to cross the road to the west side, where I saw an adult cat with another 2 kittens

I think that happened just yesterday…

I was riding my motorcycle to…I thought it was a sate street vendor. Where I and Galih would eat. Yeah, it was yesterday, when I was too annoyed by the PDSS server and instead of keep being annoyed by it, I just eat

Being the Hari Anugrah that I am, I stop when I saw the kitten trying to cross the road. It was too dangerous

I tried to approach it, with an intention to help it cross the road. And of course, being the kitten that it was, it was avoiding me… with passion

Well, at least it came back to its (probably) house… so I just moved on

Btw… about that statement before. Yeah, usually I found a cat around this time of the year. Not just that cat yesterday (That crossing road cat), but also last year…¬†Crunchy

Usually, I found them abandoned somewhere. So I usually took those cat with me (After a lot of thought and hesitation), bring it home, and raise it until it matures… then it leaves me :’)

I will talk about that leaving part later, probably… Waver left me last year, not dead (Hopefully), but idk… he left me without saying a thing, he is a cat after all

So btw,
Because usually found those cat in an abandoned state, I don’t usually know how old they are, and how should I take care of them. And I stumbled upon this vids earlier today, so it’s just a note to self…

I need the warmth of a cat…

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    1. Thank you for your offer
      But currently is server by google’s GCP. I haven’t thought of moving it to outside server, mostly because I just moved it here like, a week ago or so

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