Kimino shiranai monogatari, that eyes though

Lemme put it all bluntly in the first line… I mean second

I don’t understand the lyrics ūü§£. Well, I do understand one or two (Well, actually more) lines out of its lyrics

But that’s not enough to understand the layers and stories behind it…

I mean the title literally translate to, the¬†story¬†you¬†didn’t¬†know

If that’s wrong, well… sorry… I just guessing it

I know supercell because, well… Guilty Crown’s My Dearest… Probably since junior high

The song is good, the visual story telling is great, but that’s not the point of this post

Well, I think I will talk a bit about the story… the story is about (From my incomplete interpretation) a girl who love a guy, but that girl helped another girl to confess to this guy

That messed up

Well.. interpret it yourself. I am here for the eyes

That eyes… I just love it, since the very first time I saw it back in junior high

Idk, that eyes just feels… aggresive, but not really. Loveable. Interesting. Focus… idk

I remember my crush back on elementary school also have similar eyes

Huft… that eyes really does looks beautiful

And the girl as well… of course…

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