Kawaki wo Ameku, domestic na kanojo OP music, and dry rain

I have trouble titling this post, but I ended up writing some random word at last

Kawaki wo Ameku, lemme Google Translate it… kawaki mean, dry?

I know ame means rain, so… dry rain? that’s a good song title…

I will add dry rain to this post’s title

PS. That OP in the title mean both op as in opening, and over powered. Because it is a really powerful song

But, I doubt that’s the meaning of kawaki no ameku. According to Google Translate it mean to attract its sweetness

Dry rain sounds better, just like silent voice… ironic meaning for some reason resonate in me better

I think I will write a quote with that building blocks

My silent voice resonate under the dry rain with you

Hari Anugrah, kinda

I know this song because the anime DomeKano, Domestic na Kanojo, or in English Domestic Girlfriend

I know the anime because, well I know the manga since last year… but I just read a couple of chapters, it’s good. But I just hate reading small text, text with small font that is

The manga is good, the anime is great so far, the music opening is really good, the music video for that song also is really good

Let’s just focus on kawaki no ameku, the song

It’s good, like, really… it started really slow, then it getting faster and faster and then slow again

The vocal is great, like… really great, how could she sing with those different voices? It sounds incredible to say the least

The visual, both for the anime op, and the music video also are great

The anime op visual have a lot of small details that hint the story, I like this kinda of stuff

The music video, while not as great as Porter Robinson’s Shelter, is still great

There’s this beauty behind these simple artwork that I can’t quite explain

It’s really good, reminded me of Shelter and Aimer

Read the atmosphere~

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