Just one more step away

Have you ever felt like this? You are working with something, you know you almost finish, just this one more simple problem

You knew, if you just finish this one problem, everything will fall into its place on its own. You your job/project will be done

As it turned out… you can’t seems to find solution for this one simple problem

I mean, you already solved hundred of problem to be in this point. But this one obstacle just won’t move?!!!

Yeah, we all have probably felt that before

Me? The first thing that came to my mind was Project Letisha, it was using Flutter as its platform, I need to use its WebView to display some html, but Flutter didn’t have WebView until just recently

Eaps, that one simple problem broke my motivation for Project Letisha


But well, I won’t say Project Letisha will finish after solving that single problem… but that’s probably the closest thing that I could remember

Or is it?

Making YouTube videos, the one problem in pre-production that held me back is usually the camera and/or microphone

Disconnect Nostalgia, my novel, I need to revise it, but I just don’t have time to do it

etc… etc… not quite one single problem, but you just felt like it

Yesterday’s night I watched this vid by SciShow and he mentioned that one joke that’s big in Fusion Energy… that joke is the fact that Fusion Power always seems like 30 years away

Alwayssee the problem?

Next year it will stayed at 30, two years from now still 30, 15 years from now still 30, 30 years from now still 30… it stays at 30 years away

I probably shouldn’t explain that, explaining it will just remove the impact of those words. But who cares

Yeah, this kinda of things probably happen a lot in Science-Technology. I will say Battery technology seems like a perfect candidates for this kind of things

A really great new and shiny battery technology, out shined by its ONE FLAW.

Whenever I watch vids at SciShow showing off a new battery technology, it always seems just one more step away to be mass produce… just infront of my eyes, it stays there

While writing about that, I remembered this one great vid from Technology Connection. I already rewatched it couple of times, highly recommended

Just one more step away, huh?

Knowing you just need a bit more work to finish this thing, but you stuck to solve this problem… it would be really stressful…

You wanted to just gave up, you don’t want to spend more times doing this than you already are… But there’s this meme that I remember, that motivate me to just keep fighting

A blessing and a curse in the same time

Me when stuck with something great, stuck

The memes that I probably found somewhere in YouTube that featured Reddit memes, about a digger that already worked hard, but he feels like its goal is way too far

So he just gave up

Lemme find it

Hasil gambar untuk never give up meme

I literally just googled never give up meme, and for some reason Google knew this is the one that I looking for. Well not quite the same, but similar meaning anyway

That’s the feeling that I stuck with, with my Project Letisha,

I just don’t know when to give up

Hari Anugrah

Or, should I even give up in the first place? Usually quote would be like, never give up or something irresponsible like that

Idk, I do really don’t know~

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