Just as a reminder how hard it is to write everyday

Okay, there’s 10 minutes left for today, February 11th 2018

I spent the last hour talking and debating with my father, and cursing the SNMPTN server

I recorder most of the conversation btw ūü§£ so I probably will edit that and publish it… as a reminder of how hard it is to make decision

It is really good to help someone on my side, a father… somehow I remember that girl from this post

This post should be a reminder of how hard you’ve been working on this blog. You always write every single day for the last… like

Lemme calculate it

For the last 42 days. That is a huge commitment on your side

Also this is also a reminder for people that read this blog, and for me in the future. It’s hard to keep up with this kind of content

Today I almost pass my daily deadline, and this post would be a milestone as… the last resort I guess


Yeah I rambled a lot when writing my blog, but that’s the beauty of my writing skill

The none beauty of my none writing skill

Okay, 4 minutes left

Lemme finish this story by saying this

You’ve been working hard Hari, you can be proud of yourself~

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