ITS or UNUD, which should I prioritize?

This evening I went to eat with Galih at Warung Demal

Of course, eating wasn’t my sole intention. My main intention was to have someone to talk to about, in this case, subject to study for national exam

I will talk about subject that I would chose in later post

The point here is, when those national exam subject conversation took place, my stances was something like this: UNUD first, then ITS second

My rationale was, I have a higher probability to get accepted at UNUD, way more then ITS

Also, I am too lazy to study for SBMPTN. So I need to get accepted at SNMPTN.

Also, I had a conversation with my father (Again) earlier this night

Around 8 to 9 PM (Yeah we talked a lot). And basically my father gave me freedom to choose between Surabaya or Denpasar (ITS or UNUD)

I choose Unud (Denpasar) for several reason, well… a tons of reason really, like I’m not kidding. I even factor my grandparents to this equation

So, it strengthen my standing to prioritize UNUD over ITS

Then Galih sent me this

He asked me about ITS, more specifically DKV courses at ITS

Okay to give you more background, up to this evening, Galih put both (First and Second options) at Unud

Then all of the sudden he consider ITS

Well, of course I helped him finding DKV’s courses. Then I asked why he consider ITS?

He gave me some bad reason that I won’t put here

That’s the point when I realize, or more like… my thought resurface

Do I really want to go to Unud?

Like, in the back of my head I knew my choice was influenced a lot by my friends (Especially Arya, Galih and Anan)

But when asked why I choose Unud over ITS, I tried to make up some rationale. Good rationale that is, but I kinda tried to hide that friends influenced me a lot

Like,… yeah, earlier in this post I gave you my rationale to choose Unud…. good luck finding friends there

So yeah, I kinda lost right now… again

I realize, maybe! just maybe! friends influenced me badly here. Maybe I don’t need them after all

I rewatched some YouTube vids about ITS again…. huft

So… should I put ITS first? Idk

I will be honest, ITS is good. But my rationale to choose Unud are also good

I don’t know right now, did I choose Unud because of my own choice, or was it because of my friends?

I bet there’s a psychology term for that kinda of thing

So yeah, when starting writing this post… I put ITS at my 1st priority

Yeah, when starting

But, being the Hari Anugrah that I am, I procrastinate in the middle of writing this

That’s when, I switched my first priority back to Unud…

What an unstable little jerk~

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