iMeiden Tower Light Fireworks, my dance song

I love this song. But I forgot when I started listening to this song

I thought one of my friends, either Arya or Galih, sent it to me via YouTube chat… lemme track it down

I did sent it to the chat, but I wasn’t the one who know it first… probably Arya

PS. Holy shit, I didn’t know we already using YouTube chat since 2017

That’s a really long time ago

So I can safely say I knew this song since around mid-2018… probably before that. But that’s beside the point

This song, is kinda like EDM… but I don’t really want to categorize it as an EDM… but it have a really nice drop… but it’s more of a weeb things… but it’s in English… but but butt

Yeah… idk, let’s just say IT IS an EDM… and a really really good one

And btw… I do really dance to this song… when I am alone in my room, I closed the door. Either using earphone or using my Keyboard’s speaker, I will dance with this music

Not really dancing

But I do really enjoy this song~

This is a premade post, actually written on Feb 6th. Just to keep up with my one-post-per-day program. And I don’t really think I will have much time for this anymore.

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