I wasted a lot of papers just to print these kisi-kisi out

Left USBN Right UNBK

I skipped school today, well yesterday actually because it’s already passed midnight

Kisi-kisi btw, is a guidance for making questions. Teacher use this to make questions, and therefore student could use this as guidance for studying

Yeah, I just can’t find a good equivalent in my vocabulary

Because I didn’t really have anything to do last morning, I opened up my Google Drive and looked for the already downloaded kisi-kisi

There’s two event coming toward me, well three actually, wait four? It’s a lot. But for this purpose let’s just say it’s two

USBN and UNBK. Ujian Sekolah Berbasis Nasional (National Based School Exam) that is used to determine if student pass or fail their study.

And Ujian Nasional Berbasis Komputer (Computer Based National Exam) that is used for a standardized test in Indonesia. So students from a different school can compare their score fairly

Both are controlled Nationally, I think by BSNP, Badan Standar Nasional Pendidikan (National Education Standard Institution)

BSNP issued both kis-kisi for USBN and UNBK. I downloaded it, and printed it

Not all of it, I didn’t realize it until now. But there’s a lot of senior high types in Indonesia

I thought it was just SMA and SMK. Then MA came, then Islamic School, then Catholic school… then blablabla

I have 16 subjects at school… a lot right? I know

Those includes, Religion, Citizenship, Indonesian language, English, Compulsory Math, Specialized Math, Physics, Balinese language, PE, Computer, Arts, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, and Craftmanship

Why I write those there? So you realize how hard it’s to study those, I mean just look at those! Looking at it already irritate my eyes

I will talk about education subject in Indonesia, maybe in the future

Out those 16, I already printed out 9 kisi-kisi

Balinese language, PE, Computer, Arts, Geography, and Craftmanship are weird… I don’t know which or what to print. They have sub-category that I don’t really understand

Religion is quite easy, there’s 6 religion in Indonesia, and I will only have to test on my own religion

But arts and craftmanship? Arts have sub speciality like drawing, painting, carving, dancing and stuff… which one should I study?

Craftmanship have like…. idk, I really don’t get how craftmanship have sub speciality. I don’t know that

Well I know, but I don’t understand


There’s 3 types of SMA student. IPA (Science), IPS (Social), and Bahasa (Language)

I am IPA btw, so I specialize more on science stuff. I got specialized math, physics, biology and chemistry

For UN, we got 3 compulsory subjects, that are math*, English and Indonesian language

*I am not sure, do IPA test for compulsory math, specialized math, or both?!

For the forth subject, we got to choose between our specialization

Me being an IPA student got to choose between Biology, Physics, and Chemistry

Currently I choose Biology, but I can change it later, before UN would be held

I will write more about why I choose Biology as oppose to Chemistry and Physics later

Back to topic

Btw, I didn’t realize I got sidetracked just now

People would complain that I used the word wasted papers here. But lemme tell you, I really conservative when it come to the nature

I tried to use as least paper as I can… usually

But now, I will switch that off for a bit (Mr. Dkam would be disappointed, sorry Transformer)

I have to stop thinking (that much) about nature now, I will use as much resource as I need to achieve ‘it’

I will try my best to not care about wasting paper now

But well, I did save like 60 papers here because I didn’t print some of the kisi-kisi (That I didn’t need)

Damn it me! You said you not gonna care!

But well, I still printed it not two sided. I choose convenient than saving papers by half. Proud to waste papers

But so yeah… I need to use it all… all the resource that I have

I need to utilize it~

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