I got a nice shade of blue color, Munsell Blue

I am in the middle of changing my blogging platform right now, not quite finished yet. Just some touch here and there, some css changes etc

And btw, please don’t mention that I should study right now instead of doing this

A couple of months ago, when I experimenting with PWA (Progressive Web Apps) I got this knowledge of how to change the background color of Chrome Mobile’s Address Bar

And I wanted to implement that here. I did implement that in an older template of my Blogger Blog, but it was a long time ago

So I just googled it

Earlier this evening (This is still evening), when I experimenting with color branding, I got this color from randomly searching hex code in Google

So I want to use color for the address bar, but unfortunately the meta-tag uses hex color. I was too tired (Read: lazy) to convert that rgb value to hex value. So I just googled a new color
blue color
I stumbled upon a Wiki page, after some scrolling, at the very first glance I saw this color… I was, intrigue? Interested? hooked? idk
So yeah, that’s a story of how my lazyness (maybe) the reason I met my new branding color
… Wait, I haven’t explain why I interested in this color
The color looks nice, good enough reason? Probably not
The color looks like a cross between blue and green, between the nature green and the sky blue. It looks nice
Also, I don’t think anybody used this color… at least to my knowledge. So being the Hari Anugrah that I am, trying to be different, I will use this color… probably
So yeah, my first official post in this new wordpress blog… not really actually

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