I drew a Patra Ulanda

I will be honest, this is just a filler post

The thing is, I already wrote two draft for today’s post, but I just don’t have time for those long intricate posts, so I write this instead

You know, I need to keep up with this one-post-per-day project of mine

Also, I want to introduce you to the new tag system for this kind of topic. I will put this kind of post under the dusting Creation category. I will also use the tag system to categorize it even more, maybe something like Drawing, Novel, Short Story etc

So, I got an Art Assignment, well actually I am not sure… I suppose to submit it tomorrow, and tomorrow I also got a practice exam for art

So yeah, I drew one drawing at home, then another one at school

I am not sure can I finished the drawing at school in just 2 hours time limit…

I drew this particular drawing in two days, probably like 7 hours or so… long huh, that’s because I need to make a gradient, and the biggest time waster is making the background black just using pencil

Trust me, making a white paper into black just using pencil is hard, and I am using 8B pencil, even harder

Actually I intended to draw a Patra Cina (Chinese Patra), with its flower and stuff… I already train myself, but I figured it’s just too hard, and I am limited in time, really limited

I already drew some patra cina at school, at first my teacher it wasn’t good enough. He mention where I was wrong (I was drawing it too sharply, pointy corner)

But even in the second attemp I already got some praise from Mr. Krawa (My art teacher), seriously all teacher out there. Give your student praise for doing something nicely. It does really motivate them

But well, yeah… I spent like 7 hours in the span of two days, and using example from the internet

So yeah, at least I met my quota for today

I actually want to write my experience for today’s practical exam, but I just don’t have time… I am currently writing the report for my physics practical exam now, and I forced myself to write today

Yeah, consistency is hard~

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