Grey Reflection film

About an adult that’s just like me, write a day to day story about his life. Especially about his senior high life

Then, at the age of 23, he diagnosed with cancer and only have few weeks to live

PS. This is better in film format btw, because the big point about this story is the MC’s expression

He depressed because of his cancer, he want to commit suicide. Living would be hard when I knew my life will be over as soon as I started enjoying life again

Then he remembered his life as a teenager. That’s when he read all his post in his old dusty blog

Inspired by his younger self, he try to make the most of his remaining life

He standed up and relive his senior high live

He also read an old post from about 5 years before

A FutureMail, there will be an email sent to him in just a few weeks from a younger version of him

He can’t seems to remember what that email would contain

He tried so hard to remember it, but he can’t. He tried to figure it out using his mind

Because the email was sent by him a couple years back, when he was in senior high. It probably contain the best day of his life

I will survive, I will read this futuremail and relive my happiness

And that’s how that email become his life motivation

PS. I could use this as my final project in senior high

Event by event happen, he met his old friends, his old crush, they try to relive their senior high life

His friend thought, we will make your last days as happy as it could have been

And then, just the morning the email will he received… he made a party with his friends

His friend showed a happy face infront of him, but behind… they’re crying

Especially, Febri, MC’s crush… whom actually have crush on him

When MC found his friend, especially Febri cried behind his back, he can’t take it anymore

What used my life is, when all I did is making my friends cry

That’s when he receive his email in the night, the email was sent an hour faster because he used wrong time zone

Hoping the email will make him happy, he open the email as fast as he can, and he read it


The email doesn’t contain the happy experience that he was hoping. All it contain are complain, one sided love with Febri, his lost family and all others sad things

After all, he won’t write a future mail unless something really significant happened, or more than one significant things

He can’t finish reading his old self suffer. That is a memory that his subconscious locked, a forbidden memory

He committed suicide…

His friend found him death, with his phone on the bed

Febri cried the loudest

One of the male friend took the phone, using MC’s dead finger he opened the email

They read the email together… and remember MC’s was suffering because these events happened around the same time

They know that, that’s why, to payback for not helping him that time, they want to at least help him this time

But, ironically, they’re the catalyst

Febri also realize, she and him was having a crush to each other. But they don’t know that

Then she read the last paragraph…

Hi the 22nd yo me. Are u well? Because I am not

I know all the things that I already talked about, are kinda bad

But that’s because, those are fiction… Well, not entirely of course

They’re inspired by real life things that happened around me

But, it wasn’t as dramatic as I wrote it here

Hope you enjoy your life… and have you confess to Febri yet? Yeah I know he already got a bf, but I don’t think she loved him

So yeah… bye me

Original idea, … when I was installing WordPress Desktop App, and it took too long, out of nowhere this idea come to my mind

Well… it’s scary to thing that kinda of events happened to a character based on me

I am kinda scared of imagining myself on the MC’s shoes

That’s why, I want to make a twist, a happy ending for the MC

Maybe the test was a fase positive, and he live happily ever after

But well, I guess my mind goes off around the end

The email contains novel idea? MC’s mistakenly took it as his own experience

That sounds dumb…

Wait, not really… now I think about it, that could happen, I guess that’s not so crazy after all

This is just a story pitch after all, if I write an outline of it, I probably will share it here

So yeah… don’t mistakenly take the post marked as Story as your own experience… that’s probably just your imagination going wild

PS. I write this on WordPress for Android, way better than Blogger for mobile, but I have to wait for the block based editor to be here

I enjoy writing here more, but writing on small screen is hard

Especially when I have PE class tomorrow… and it’s already passed midnight… shit

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