Good bye Blogger

Today, I switched again from GCP to DigitalOcean

Also, today I want to delete the legacy harianugrah blog, that is the old Blogger blog

Why I have to delete it?

Usually, I love archiving stuff. I wouldn’t throw stuff away most of the times, instead I will save them some where safe. Maybe I will need it in the future (There’s a term for this btw)

But, this Blogger site should be deleted

I switched back and forth between Blogger and WordPress in my early age of blogging, mostly because I wasn’t experienced enough to use the powerful feature WordPress offer

Those unutilized features became some kind of obstacle for young me, maybe around 2015-2016, maybe even around 2014

PS. I remember a teacher of my junior high, Pak Suparsa has a wordpress blog. I think I already have wordpress blog around that time. The missing link in my blogging career

But, let’s focus to the recent stuff

I started actively blogging again since January 1st, by thanking Thanos. With the intention to document my state of mind toward a transition to college

That was the focus back then. Then I started getting a bit ambitious with blogging again, a bit by a bit, and then I arrived at the state when I need more feature

Don’t get me wrong, the simplicity that Blogger have is really nice to have most of the times

But the robustness that WordPress (And its plugins) offer, met my need better

Those plugin include something like, embedding outside content (Instagram, YT, etc) easier

Also a better mobile apps! Don’t forget about that. Blogger app is just horrible, it hasn’t been updated in years!

Like, this post that I wrote on Blogger app, the formatting is a mess

That lead me to another point, Blogger hasn’t really been maintained by Google

I heard there’s only like one engineer working on Blogger… one person working on a big project like Blogger doesn’t sounds like a good idea to me

WordPress is good, I can maintain more control over it, I also can be rest assure that Google not just going to remove content from my Blog

Like that Google+ comment thingy

But why you have to delete your old Blogger?

Well, I already moved my posts from Blogger to this blog

Because the way that I did that, basically I made duplicate content

I realized it a couple hours ago

A couple days ago, someone comment on one of my blog post

My reasoning of why I had duplicate content was, because I changed my domain

But there’s a better explanation, that is the Blogger site

All the content in that Blogger basically duplicate of this blog, I that’s the initial source of this blog’s content

Keeping duplicate content will only hurt my SEO and stuff, which as I said at here is bad for my financing

This is a screenshot of the latest post I write there

While this is the stats for that blog

Which can you see, is not that great. I am sure 99% of that traffics come from me (Not really)

So yeah, I do think I will regret deleting that blog. But to keep thing simple and clean, also for the sake of this blog

I need to do this sacrifice~

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