Did Google just crawl that post fast?

So one of the reason I can’t post a couple days ago was, because of my sitemap.xml was broken

You can read more about that here

I’ve been having problem with google search console. Basically, when I use blogger google’s doesn’t really crawl my blog

Google kinda make exception toward my site

I thought it was because of my blog’s robot.txt, but I can’t seems to find a fix

So, after a lot of other consideration, I migrate to wordpress

Then I got other problem, google crawl bot and bing crawl bot took too much resource out of my server

So, whenever any of their crawling bot tried to crawl my blog, my blog would down… and this repeat…

I already tried to fix it by reducing the crawl rate and upgrading my server, but well… the crawling report hasn’t been updated yet

You can see at screenshot above, the report last updated at Feb 10th, today is Feb 18th. I migrate to this new blog and server around two days ago

Then, prior this night… nope, yesterday night. Damn this is passed midnight already. I write deleting my blogger

Then, just because of pure curiosity, I tried to google this blog at Google. Then I realized something

The post that I just write 3 hours earlier already crawled and indexed by Google, I was shoocked

I don’t think most of my older post already indexed by Google, but this one already?

Then I remember, after I write that post, just because I had nothing to do (Eaps, I feel lonely). I opened my search console and manually request Google to index that post

Damn, if I know that, I probably will continue requesting manual crawling to Google

The last post, before deleting my blogger that I requested manual crawl to google is me in january 2118. That post was written at Feb 1st

So yeah, I hope more people would read this blog

And hopefully help me financially~

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