Deleting my blogger

As a continuation of this post good bye blogger. There I explain the reason why I have to delete this blogger account

Long story short, wait… did I write it there? Probably

Basically, Google hate duplicate content. And content in this blog was coming from that blogger site initially

So, to increase this blog value in the eyes of Google, I have to sacrifice that blogger

The stupid thing is, I planned to delete my blogger the day I publish good bye blogger, but I forgot it until today

Well, good thing I reconsider koding blog again

To be honest, it is hard to delete that blogger

I once migrated to wordpress from blogger than switch back to blogger again, it’s around May 2017, using wordpress as private blog is hard

But well, I am already comfortable with wordpress now. I also already started using the block based editor that wordpress provided, and I felt in love with this editor

There’s just so much more I can do with wordpress, like embedding content, quote, pull quote, google photos integration (I can only get it to work from etc

Kinda funny one reason I switch from wordpress was, wordpress compacted with features that I didn’t use. And now, I felt in love because of it

I think the last major update to my personal blog was, holy shit, May 5th, it was version 5

Time flies so fast

Let’s capture some last screenshots from this blogger before deleting it

Also, I think I want to keep a tab on my old customized default blogger template

… Nope, I guess wordpress is unhappy with .xml and .zip data type

Okay, let’s get to the business…

Am I going to regret this? Idk, I hope not

The default url,, kinda hard to leave it. The sentimental value of it… well, this blog is its successor… but still

Farewell, my old personal blogger blog

PS. I have complain, why is it so easy to delete a blog, no email confirmation, two factor something or whatever… I can’t imagine if someone delete their blog on accident, need more security measure, one blogger engineer!

But well, I think I am just over acting

I still will use blogger as the platform for Koding anyway, at least for the time being


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