Bye Google+

Just an ordinary day, I thought… except the fact that today is a Chinese new year… I thought

When I took a glance at the bottom right corner of my screen, I noticed the time is approaching midnight already

Oh shit, I haven’t written a post for today

So, I open the Blogger console… and… I was surprised to see this message popped up in my dashboard

I already knew that Google+ will shut down sometime in the near future… I am kinda up to date to tech news (Thanks to Winpoin and TechLinked and…)

I know Google+ will shut down ever since the news about its privacy leakage, I think it’s a couple months ago… but then again, time feels so long these days (I mistakenly think the event in this post happen a couple days ago when in fact it happened yesterday)

The thing that surprised me wasn’t that Google shut down its social media, I know that since the first time I used Google+ (It was bad), but the fact that Google+ shut down in my Blogger without any notification

No notification Google+ in my Blogger would shut down, just a notification when Google+ ALREADY shat down… Yeah, I wasn’t prepared

In that notif, also stated that Google+ badge would be gone… then I checked my blog, and yeah… it is missing… the only design that looks good in this blog

I think I have screenshotted it before… lemme find it for you


I ALMOST took the screenshot for it herehere, and here… yeah almost… damn it, me! you have like 3 chances to capture it, but I missed three times in a row! Well, not really

So yeah, my beloved Google+ badges gone

They also said Google+ also will be gone (I will be honest, this is really irresponsible of them, comments in any form of arts is really meaningful for its creator)

But I use Google comment, and also the only one who comment (And read) this blog is me… so, not really a problem

I kinda curious though, YouTube used Google+ comments, what would happen to it?

Btw, I am considering to switch back AGAIN to WordPress…

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