BukaLapak’s SkinnyIndonesian24 Office Tour

BukaLapak is one of the biggest unicorn startup in Indonesia

I, personally inspired by its founder, Achmad Zaky. But instead of saying he is my motivator or something, I think I would consider him as a friend

I feel like, we came from the same place. He already step up from this place, and I still stuck here

But the point is, I can relate to him. His struggle, idk, he feels friendly, that’s it

I think there’s two office tour that I have ever watched from Bukalapak, here’s one that I watched a long time ago and now, this

The vids was uploaded, like 4 days ago (Valentine’s day). I saw it a couple of times in my YouTube homepage, but I decided to postpone watching it

Reason? The thumbnail doesn’t looks nice…

Also, I feel tired because of SNMPTN

Things that I wanted to note about this particular office tour maybe include something like, a reference for my future office 😂

Nursery Room

First, nursery room… I understand that I need to give mother some space to do their responsibilities, and to avoid awkwardness between mother and male employees

Open Office

Open office, the good is, well, it’s aligned nicely with Bukalapak’s sila speak up and some other good things about open office. But I need to do more research about it before implementing it. I need to be aware of the good and bad of open offices

Vision and Mission

About Sila, I need to implement vision for my company, but unlike my school’s vision, I need all my employees to be aware of it. For context, my school have vision and missions, but I as student don’t really aware of it

Unmanned Retail

Btw, there’s a research on going there called Unmanned Retail, at the first part. This aligned with one of my dream to open my own vending machine around my city

Music Room

And, inspired by Primakara’s University, I need to make a music room as well, maybe there will be a band like Harmonia from my company, that would be fun

About Creativity

Oh yeah, about creativity. I have to disagree about one point from Zaky, he want to streamline the coding process by removing outside thought, like they have a restaurant (Canteen) so their coder don’t have to think about eating

What the point that I want to disagree with? Well, being a writer that I am, I think creativity come from unexpected places. Like usually I got inspiration while showering. I understand why he thought that, but I think removing outside stimulus will decrease creativity


Zaky showed outdoor part of this office. This one, I haven’t think about it before. Making an outdoor office? Why I haven’t thought about it before

It must be nice. I can really relate to it

I mean one of the biggest reason that I wanted to buy a laptop right now is, well, to work outside of my bedroom (Where my computer is). Preferably with my grandparent, I wanna spent more time with them

Also, my house have a nice air


This one, I also haven’t thought of it. I personally love to spent time alone a lot of the times, especially when I need to focus on working (One of the reason why I hate when friends come over to my house)

My current Zenroom

Sleeping Room

This is not really new idea for me. Google have sleeping room in their offices. While Bukalapak’s sleeping room have good intention behind it, I need to rethink about the potential problem it may cause

Do I want/let my employees sleep at the office at the night? I don’t know. I afraid there will be accident (Like… making babies?) etc

Employee-Boss Relationship

Earlier this afternoon, I watched Linus’s response video of a drama that he currently in. He is, how should I put it, my role model in being a boss

I want my employee not to scare of me. At here you could hear people are laughing, I want it

I don’t want to put barrier between me and my employees. Go-jek CEO, Nadiem, well… I don’t really have much data on him, but I need to learn (either the good or bad) from him


I have a friend, Gus Oka, his house is really far away from school. Therefore, instead of coming home after PE class, he just take a shower at school’s toilet

So, yeah… I want to put shower in my office, so my employees can exercise and take a shower effectively, and efficiently


A canteen, well I do realize I need to put canteen in my office. But I think I need to make a different canteen. Maybe, an open canteen? Idk

Industry-School Relationship

This is the biggest point, Achmad Zaky was graduated from ITB

Knowing that he still maintain a good relationship with ITB does feel nice to me

And now, Bukalapak and ITB have some kind of agreement, and there’s an office at ITB(?)

I am not sure what to write in here. But I need to keep my interest in education, even after I graduated from uni

So yeah, that’s it

Things that I learned from that one video, well, actually more

Hope you can remember these, and maybe others can learn from it

And btw, I didn’t actually plan to write this long, but well… it came out quite nicely, so


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