Broken Link

Still around the same topic, migrating from Blogger to WordPress. Previously it was about a new branding color, Munsell Blue

This is Munsell Blue

Now it’s about migrating the links. As you (might) now, a link is statically typed. So if I change the link structure in this blog, all the link that redirect back to this blog would be broken

I don’t really like using plugin for this kinda purpose, so I skipped that option. Even though using plugin would be a big time saver for me. But well, saving time is not my intention today

I did change how WordPress structure this blog’s link, now it’s using a similar but not quite the same structure as Blogger.



PS. Yeah, I tried so hard to use WordPress’s new Block Editor. But seems like it would take a bit more time to get used to it

See the difference? Not much… just that 4 letters at the end… .html. I mean 5, including the symbol

I need to update all the links in this blog that refer to itself, that ended in .html that.. a lot

Well, not that much. This blog isn’t really about sharing link as it is about writing random things

But yeah, I remember there’s a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools that I could use to check all the links that I needed to update. Because checking them one by one would take forever

I used two tools here, Deadlinkchecker and Brokenlinkchecker. Why two? Idk

I already did it once, but seems like my unfamiliarity with WordPress made me waste an hour

Seriously though, why I need to click enter when I can just click away from the link dialog?!

Me complaining about stuff, again

So yeah, I did the checking. The number was something like 56 or something like that. Not that much actually, but I was too lazy to do it right away

A lot right
Yeah, I have no idea how to crop it from this editor

Yeah, that’s it… just me complaining about stuff

It would take me awhile to completely updating all those broken link. But until then, see you next time

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