Being jealous is a okay

Agung Hapsah is a big part of my junior-senior high school transition. I joined the English Debate (partly) because of him. I knew his channel since… idk, around 2016-ish

In the other hand, Vincent Ricardo. I knew him since around last year. He doesn’t really influence me, but I can use him as an example

Today, I got a notification from YouTube (Notif squad!) that Agung just uploaded a new video. I was hooked.

Then, suddenly I saw Ricardo there. That was a big surprised to me. It’s rare to see a big YouTuber collab with a small YouTuber like this

My initial impression with this collab was… jealous

Two YouTuber that (IMO) similar to me, doing a collab without me…

Yeah, I really am wanna do a collab with them. So it would become a big-small-tiny YouTuber collab ūüėā

Btw about that similar¬†statement. Some of my friends said that I sometimes looked and act similar to Agung Hapsah, and that’s not one or two friends either. It¬†was¬†three

I think it was Busel, Juna and Gex Anggi. They said that I imitate Agung, when in reality I just do what I usually do. But who knows what my subconsciousness doing

And Vincent, to be honest I am not really familiar with him. But I from his content I could tell that we have similar interest. Especially in technology, science, and creative works

The very first thing that I saw from Agung’s video

Is that sponsorship thing. Damn, I am so jealous… Bukalapak is one of the company that I want to work with, they seems like a great company

And Ricardo vids? He put the sentence ft. Agung Hapsah in his vid’s title. OMG, I am so jealous

It seems like,

I got what others wanted. Others got what I wanted

Yeah, that happened a lot of the times. I got what my friends wanted (That I don’t really want). And my friends got what I wanted so bad.

It became a circle… a line?! of jealousy

But… here come the twist

Feeling jealous is not (always) a bad thing


At least in my opinion. In Bahasa Indonesia we have two word that describe something similar. Iri dan Dengki

According to my interpretation, they are describing a similar concept. Jealous to someone’s success. But Dengki have a bit more description, a¬†hatred feeling¬†to¬†someone¬†because¬†of¬†jealousy

I don’t know if this is a good translation or not. But iri is jealous, while dengki is spiteful.

I can you my jealousy of them as a fuel to drive me toward my goal, a motivation

While being spiteful to their success will only make me miserable

A good example of others got what I wanted is… when Galih got OSP and his design got stolen. Why¬†am¬†I¬†jealous¬†because of¬†his¬†creation¬†got stolen?¬†Idk

A good example of I got what others wanted is… when I am (kinda) smart in Biology, when Arya desperately wanted to become a doctor

Idk… I do really think that I just over thinking it. But idk, I just can’t let it slide like that.

So yeah… netizen… internet user… don’t be spiteful seeing others success, you can be jealous.

Just do no harm

And work hard…

Am I working hard? Objectively speaking I did work hard on something (Letisha), I can even say that I was overworking on it. But overworking is bad, speaking from experience

Working hard is bad, not working hard is bad

Sounds irresponsible… but that’s what I really think right now…

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