Attracting viewer by using popular terms

I didn’t actually write my title with any particular rules. But now I think about it, some of my title could attract more viewers

In particular, my titles under the Interesting category

The posts under that category would be just things that I found as interesting. That maybe one day in the future I want to relearn again

Because most of the times, I remember the main idea, the topic, or the concept, but I forget the names/terms for that very idea

And because how the way internet currently works, it’s hard to learn about something when you only know the content, but not the title

For example, imagine one day I write a story about mind control, I know there’s a scientific way that I could use as a basis, but I won’t know where I found it by then

But, because I already write a post about it, I can just look in my blog and after poking around for a couple of minute I should find this for example

But, this evening I was thinking about optimizing my SEO… and realize

YouTube usually do click bait to attract viewer, but that’s only effective for subscriber

To make the content more visible for smaller content creator, they need to use terms that people used in search engine

Wait! I already used popular term!

Like, aphantasia, domekano, kimino shiranai monogatari, ads, etc

So when someone googled those term, my post would have some possibilites to show up on the result!

But will it? Probably not

The thing is, the thing that made me excited is, I didn’t intentionally title my post that way

Well, I did intentionally, but not that intentionally… ah

I write the title to make it easier for me to look for it later down the road

But that have a desirable consequences, other people would find that content easier as well

So, it’s a win win~

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