Art Restoration

Do I like arts? Yes I do

Do I like writing/painting/drawing/filming arts? Yes I do

Do I know why painting cost tons of money? No, I don’t

Just another procrastination times for me when I stumbled upon this vid on YouTube

Art Restoration huh?

The first thing that came to my mind is that Mr. Bean movie when Bean ruin the painting of Mona Lisa… damn I am old

Maybe Detective Conan Movie as well, the 19th one where they featured Van Gogh Sunflower paintings, which to be honest is quite interesting btw

But generally speaking, I have no idea why painting cost butt tons of money…

Also, recently I got interested in painting because¬†konnonym, so I curious how they repair a painting. I mean I can’t even create a painting, let alone fixing them (Idk, but for some reason, fixing feels harder for me than creating)

After that one vid, I watch another, and another, and another… without realizing it, I enjoyed his vids. Even though most information is his vids are similar, but they’re definitely unique, a case by case basis

So… I think I just interested in art now… not that I want to spend money to buy them, (Well I wanted to, but I got a better use for money) but I will put more time to appreciate the intricate of painting and doing arts in general

I realized I broke the one post per day¬†literally minutes after writing it :’v

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