An 8 hours a day sleeping plan

I have sleeping problem

I just write about my messed up waking up schedule yesterday. And last night, I can’t even sleep comfortably because I got muscle soreness

I sleep around 1AM, maybe, then woke up again at 3AM (Because of the muscle soreness in my bicep and tricep), then proceed to sleep again and wake up again at 4:50AM for PE Class

My class got a rhythmic gymnastic test this morning, so I forced myself so hard this morning even though my sleep was bad, and my body (And mind) need time to relax

Then, after I finished the PE Classes and got back home (I got chance to get back home before going to school again), I watched some vid on YouTube, like I usually do

After I watched The Company Man vid about Sony, which btw I just noticed change its name, removing the word The to just Company Man. After a long watch next watch next, I ended up with this vid

Basically, the video suggest something that I already know. The suggestion to have enough sleep

I already know that, I did an experiment on myself, what was the difference that I would feel with 3 hours sleep, 6 hours sleep, 8 hours sleep or none sleep

3 hours sleep gave me Mind Fogging (I have written about it, still in my draft), 6 hours is my usual sleep length, not bad for a short period of time, but I’ve been sleeping badly for the last like, 6 years or so

This month on my waking up schedule, last month on I didn’t sleep last night, even in 2016 with need more sleep

I don’t really get 8 hours sleep that often, even today, when I planned to sleep earlier, and now I looked at the clock, it’s 11:41PM, definitely not 8 hours sleep tonight

I want 8 hours of sleep, I know I feel best when I got enough sleep (Not necessarily 8 hours), I’m not sure if I perform/think/focus best that way, but sleep depriving myself sure doesn’t sounds good

Learning from billionaires, especially those who I looked up to like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and maybe even Donald Trump. I think I need to step up my sleeping games

I had a plan to do a biphase sleeping, not suitable for me. So I need to maximize my night sleep

I do usually felt tired each and every day, tired. Also I rarely can concentrate at school, also I felt pretty regularly each evening. So yeah, definitely need more sleep, and better sleep

Today, the reason I sleep late, well one of it is, writing this post (Now it’s 11:47 btw), but the reason of that because I felt so tired to write at afternoon or evening. So it became like this snowball, or feedback loop stuff

The reason I sleep late is posting, the reason I post late is sleeping late, and the reason I sleep late is posting… etc

So, I need to break this habit

My plan? Idk, having such a big dream like mine do really keep me awake late in the night. But lately I don’t really pursue my dream (Because of national exam and stuff), so I need to put the ‘ah, I sleep late because I work’ reason aside and find the solution

Maybe, changing my mindset about sleeping would work

In the video, Jeff Bezos said that he prioritized his sleep… lemme repeat, he prioritize his sleep

Okay, that’s a really good way to get my first step toward it

Currently, I think sleeping as a time waster, if only I can get more hours from sleeping and put it into working, I might achieve more


Saying from experience, you don’t become more productive that way…

Yeah, you can do more work in the night, but that resulted in your morning/afternoon works to be less productive (Even not working at all)

So yeah, I probably should end this post here and take my time to sleep. Oh yeah, to fix my muscle soreness (That’s literally keeping me from sleeping) I put some Koyo (Menthol Medicated Plaster) on some of my muscle

Oh yeah, maybe I need tools to help me sleeping. AC would be great, but my parent wouldn’t allow it. Fan? nope, definitely would catch a cold

Well, I guess I need to rely on my circadian rhythm adaptation ability for this

Have a good night, me~

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