Alternate Reality Games (ARG)

Alternate Reality Games huh… so that’s what it’s called

In that video, Matpat explain about his ARG Games that he and his team design

I didn’t participate on it, but the concept of ARG games sounds really similar to one of my old idea

I have an idea to make something with similar concept with ARG

In junior high, probably, I had an idea to make novel that interconnected with my reality, this world

Idk, but that’s all I can recall for now ­čśó

Then… around the times Doki-Doki Literature Club released, late 2017, I was interested in developing games

Well, because I was inspired by meta-games, I also wanted to make a meta games

Wait, meta games does count as ARG games? right? Idk

As I said, I don’t really research about ARG games

But this meta games that I planned, would have some meta-ness in its gameplay

Maybe, some content of it can only be opened/played in a certain day of the year

Or maybe, a game that access the user info in Windows, so the games know the player’s real name

Or maybe connective some kind of USB device that open some special content in the game etc

Writing about this ARG game reminded me about my elementary school’s games

I am the one who make it, inspired by a Boy scout… I called it something along the way of Tanda┬áJejak, which translated to something like, Marking┬áTrail

The games… I am the one who initiated it, yeah… I am proud of it. And was played with my classmates, mostly the girls

The game was simple

Someone (Usually me), make some clue on pieces of papers. The clue is a text that lead to the next clue

So, I will hand over the very first clue to them directly. Let’s say the clue is Whiteboard

Then, the players will look around the whiteboard in my classroom

Yeah class, it was my 5th grade class. My teacher was lazy/busy, so we got a tons of free time to play inside class

Then, let’s say they found the next clue stuck behind the whiteboard. The next clue lead to the next clue and so on…

At the end, I don’t remember, maybe I would gave them a prize or something

Yeah, it was fun~

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