Writing on my old notebook

Ever since I started Hari Anugrah Social Media Effort especially the Blog portion of it. I always type on either my desktop computer or my phone

Well, saying that is kinda conservative because I only wrote like 2 or 3 posts on my phone. It’s hard to type using a virtual keyboard on a 5.5inch android phone

Especially with that outdated Blogger apps

Yeah, about that…

Idk why but it seems like Blogger apps on phone doesn’t really like my writing style

Like, the last time I wrote on mobile, my formatting just messed up, my spacing between paragraph just gone.

Was it because of human error? Or that outdated Blogger apps tried too hard to clean up my writing?


Well, that’s one reason I don’t really write a post in the morning, I got a school in the morning and writing on phone sucks…

So I just wrote post usually from evening to midnight, on my computer… Which tbh is sucked as well

Well, at least I have this nice Logitech keyboard instead of that flat freaking virtual keyboard

But, sitting for a long period of time (It usually took me 30 to 1 hour to write one post) really hurt my butt and back

It might sounds stupid, but I sit on a broken chair, with hard surface… not on a comfortable office chair

The chair suppose to be used in the living room for eating, for a short period of time. But my family doesn’t have money to buy a nice chair, so instead I use it as my office chair

My butt hurt so much, mostly because I sit like 30 minutes at a time but also because the chair made out of wood, and there’s no really fluffy stuff supporting my butt

And the worst thing is, the back support is broken. And it’s badly designed in the first place. I mean just look at this

Yeah, that… I have to sit on that chair like for…maybe 8 hours a day?!

Recently I tried to fix the problem by using my pillow as back support, which doesn’t work well… but good enough… at least there’s no hole in my back support

Also, turning on my computer subconsciously make me feel to work on a hard project like programming, and not writing a blog like this

That’s a big problem in my productivity, idk… I just don’t feel like writing on my computer


I want to buy a new laptop (My old Acer Aspire V5 is broken), that laptop I wanted to buy is a MacBook. Why? I will talk in another post

But I don’t have money, so all I left with is my old notebook from 2011 or something

So, this night I take this notebook from my father’s room.

BTW. He said that he wanted to sell this notebook, which I strongly against… This is where I first learn to program, write a blog, and stuff… this has a lot of sentimental value to me, I don’t want to sell it for cheap obviously

And after some tinkering with it, I write this blog post

To be honest, turning on a laptop or notebook set my mind to writing, instead of programming or vid or project stuff like turning on my computer did

Yeah, I would love to write more… especially outside my room

I have this dream, to write my novel or blog, in a park with my friend. Maybe somewhere like Anjungan Tukad Melangit, where I can feel the fresh atmosphere, talk with my friend, and write my novel

I want it…

But I can’t, I can’t use this notebook. This notebook’s battery and keyboard sucks

And of course I don’t want to use my friend’s laptop for my personal use like that, it would bother them

Hahhh, I want to buy a cheap laptop… I used to want Vivobook S340UN by Asus… but then again the build quality is not that great

My rationale for buying a laptop, I will talk more about it… in a later post

But writing on a laptop feels nice

There’s no that loud fan noise from my computer, no back pain cus that chair, I can write it before sleep without a lot of commitment, maybe even in metime

I want a backlit keyboard, this keyboard is not good for writing for an extended period of time. I don’t want to get an RSI like Taran did

Yeah that’s it

Just some random weird post, as always

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