Why I wanted to be a CEO and make my own company so badly

Who cares about posts bomb

Too much post in one day said google? wuker

No post in other day said google? wuker

So, today is one of the first day in my new senior high class (The classmate okay)… Bu Ade, my math teacher told us to introduce ourselves

Then, my turn… I briefly said my name and my orientation class… then I said my dream

“I wanted to make my own company, I already took my first step toward it” said me loudly, proudly

Btw somehow YouTube bring me to Black Clover song, and this action song somehow sounds depressing to me, defak

No mention of word CEO,
Wanted to make my own company, and
Already took step toward it.


Why no CEO? well, I simply don’t really familiar with that term, I don’t even know what CEO equivalent in Indonesia (It’s Presiden Direktur, Presdir)

I already know about Steve Jobs and of course, Bill Gates at that time (But probably not Elon Musk and Sundar Pichai, and Satya Nadella and who’s his name, DropBox’s ceo, and waver)

Probably? well… it’s like 3 years ago…

Then, make my own company

I talk about it with my father when we discuss about going to what college (Eaps, I remember it was embarrassing talking about my dream to my father like that)

So… the keyword is, or rather are…
Entrepreneurship, Stuck, Head, Undiksha, 2015, November, Heartbreak, Competition, Bali Mandara

So, November 2015, few days after… is it? not sure… at the end of 2015… I follow a competition in Bali Mandara (Or Undiksha, definitely Bali Mandara)

So, in Bali, for most event will be started by some kind of traditional Bali dance to greet the participant… while in that, there is this club, who said this word that I never heard before…


Then we moved on, follow the competition, fail, blablabla…

You guys know what, I tried to look for some kind of photo/vids for that day… nope, I literary record a lot of things but not the important one… the Undiksha one, also… I didn’t record when my name was announced… wtf me?!

// I just spent like half an hour looking at my 2015 Google Photos (Not all, just glancing)… omg, I feel so old

where were we again… oh ya…

So that Bali Mandara event, a Biology-Math-Economy(?) competition, I thought that was… a group consist of three, me, Aldy and a junior of mine, Nirmala

Wait, I had a economy competition?! I remember now, I was taught about this weird point of view of buying vs selling in bank of foreign currency… in my junior high’s library… with, I forgot… damn

And damn again, I forgot I had compete in economy competetition damn… (For context, I want to … Business management, I challange myself 2 weeks to learn all economy books of senior high, which I forgot as well of course)


So, yeah… couple months past that competition… that word stuck inside my head for some reason, entrepreneurship

This is around the time I learned about UWP, C# and Android Development

Then I googled it, yeah, I google it after few months passed :3

Then, I found the definition… and equivalent in Indonesia, which I already know prior to that event of course, Pengusaha atau Usaha

That’s the point I understand that I want, I WANT TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR

FYI, prior to that point… my dream was to become a programmer (This is my goal since 5th grade)

Then… the last part is… the step that I already took…

Around July 2016, was my orientation in senior high… meanwhile, my father asked me to make this app, this chemistry app, to help him calculate molecular mass

Then I publish it to the Play Store, that is what I meant by first step… and also the fact that I bought this domain, learned programming skill, blablabla


Okay, now the real thing

The title, there is this word… so badly

So the last couple months I think about it… I inspired by a lot of people, maybe because this video by Sacha that made me make this quote

Don’t be inspired, GET inspired

But most of them… are, well, not most actually… but if you asked me, probably I would answer something like this

“Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ahmad Zaky, William Tanuwijaya, Larry Page, Sergey Brin…”

See… they are all CEO

Then I watched one of Nadiem Makarim talk (Not sure which video, but here)… one of his point is,

Inspired Other

See? You got it?

Okay, I will explain it a bit more

I was INSPIRED by that talk by Nadiem, CEO of Gojek…

Yeah, I want to inspire other… not just because that one quote said by Nadiem that I watched a month ago somewhere in the internet… but because of me… eaps me, myself

Earlier in this post I said it right?,,, I inspired by a lot of people, as a return, I want to inspired other people… you know that feeling? When you can give other what other give you? I don’t,,, I really want that!!!

I want to inspire people! I want to inspire younger generation! I want to have a dent in people’s history! I want people to write a blog post about me! I want people to talk about *how they inspired by me! I want it! I want it…

But most importantly

I want to inspire myself

Yeah, I want to inspire myself, either myself in the future, right now, or in the past

I have this idea for YouTube vid actually, talking to my old self (Which people done before)… I know that I know more than I when I was … younger… that’s why sometime I use the word you which most of the time, refer not to the reader… but actually to me, to the younger naiver me

I also want to inspire me in the future, in case I have break down or fail miserably… so I can remember again

Why you even start doing this

So yeah… simply put… I want to be inspired, get inspired and inspire

But I also realize, I’m not only inspired by CEO, but YouTuber… Gigguk, Linus, Sacha, Agung Hapsah, Kevin Anggara… and more

That’s why, I want to improve my YT channel… and create this plan for Angan Sore

You know what,,, I will just say the plan… a hypothetical people talk about their hypothetical draw my life and their hypothetical struggle toward their hypothetical dream

And of course, there is also me… a real human being, made out of flesh and blood… and dream, and love, and tears… and struggle from thousand years of ancestry and… and…

This is so deep… I think I just poke my screen… eh wait, that’s my heart

Do you guys ever heard about this… people who forget history doomed to repeat it

I? I just heard it couple hours ago from random YouTube video…

Writing is a big jump for us as a species… writing let us transfer knowledge cross generation (Also not my word)

So there is no knowledge lost… prior to invention of writing, people taught each other and their child, directly… how about, if they died? A person, 30 years worth of knowledge just lost like that

I have this book, a biography about Elon Musk… this is not what Elon think at that moment he struggle… but the author take of what Elon said retrospectively biased about his struggle… not so… idk how to say it

I want to talk directly to Elon, I also want directly talk to Mark Zuckerberg when he was young… “Why you dropped out of school?” said me… his answer today, and back then must be different

He already know the result now, not so much his younger self… kinda unfair… I know about the younger me, but the younger me doesn’t know anything about me

// Unfair… new novel title

Did I just wrote an entire chapter worth of blog post? hmm

Yeah, To College Arc huh,…

* I have this idea, to write this blog as journal, as an autobiography, then bookizy it (Make it a book, if you don’t know that new word I just created), as I go with my struggle

Also watch this vids by Louis Rossman I just realize how much this particular blog post influenced by him

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