Why bother make this kind of bottled water?!

So I just trying my new green screen setup for my first, probably, Angan Sore Project

The intention was to just try how chrome key work with that kind of setup… I mean you can kinda see that clip, bodging ya know

I use this water bottle as a “model”, it came from a Nasi Kotak, hmm, no idea how to describe it… but my mom brought nasi kotak home, I ate that of course, and it have this bottle inside

I am not the kinda who hate every plastic stuff, but this…

Regular water bottle, big water bottle and glasses water… I understand why they make these variant, because I use them as well

But this, 330 ml, too small, why don’t just use 220ml glasses water?! Why bother make this weirdly small variant?!

I can drink it fully at once (I think). That’s the purpose you said?!

So what the glasses variant for?! Do want to invalidate this, or the glasses one?!

Idk, they probably have good reason, or not…

The thing is, there is just not good reason for this variant that I can think of… other than make more money,

Noo… this is bad

Why?! Anybody, know why? Because I don’t

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