When internet come together to help

So I watched this vids this evening

That video is the continuation from a vids that uploaded a couple days ago. Well, I watched it a couple days ago anyway

So, the first time I heard about this guy, who call himself Jesus Christ is when PewDiePie got to fiverr scandal or whatever it was called… drama?

So, he migrated (I think) to YouTube and build his audience there

From my understanding (According to his vids), he got into trouble because some kind of occult, then his right to his children is in danger here

To protect that right, he need lawyer and blablabla. And that cost a lot of money

Therefor he come to… the internet, where usually people do shitty things

But, of course… internet being the internet, unpredictable, the response was mostly positive (I was genuinely pretty surprise for some reason)

So he open patreon and paypal for donations,

And the last time I see his pateron, which is right now, he got something like $16k donations

That’s a whole lots of money

That’s kinda beautiful you know, when internet can do something good, together

It reminds me of Casey Neistat, he once helped one of his friend(?) gaining donation for operations or something

Also, pewdiepie’s India donations thing, and …

Same like as dislike, same comment as like etc

Idk, it just beautiful to see this things happened

I also have this idea to make project that heavily inspired by patreon… can I, make stuff that helped people do good things?

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